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  1. No, I have 7 Pro. I am not planning to update anything to Windows 10.
  2. I have been using the old OA firewall for several years. Emsi gave me a couple of years credit as my kids suddenly divorced and moved just after I renewed. I like the Firewall, has it changed? Since it is now part of a suite, I will have to make up my mind between ESET and EMSI. I do not like ESET's firewall. The comparisons about the protection seem to shade towards EMSI. Now the UI would be the major player. If it is too hard to get to to control the scanning, AV, and anti-malware, that would be a killer. I've used ESET for so long as it was the only AV at the time that didn't want c
  3. Thought I posted this. Might have found the problem. This number is for a family pack. One computer moved to England, one computer went to Ubuntu, so only need a renewal for one license. This is from the Cleverbridge email: Online Armor Premium Firewall Renewal [1 Year] Code delivery electronic Your product key: License key [removed] renewed Activation notes If you have not yet installed the test version, then please download Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall from our Homepage. Follow the setup instructions to install the software. You will see a Problem is - I don't want 5. I want to keep 4.0
  4. I used the one that was hyphenated, and that one got entered.
  5. Also got an email in Russian from this person kwiliu He looks like a spammer, and my computer is NOT infected. I usually deny javascript, cookies and what have you in the browser, and I forget which ones I have to enable to read a site. I don't do social sites.
  6. Just got it. I received 2 copies of number. One was hyphenated and one wasn't.
  7. I paid for renewal on 3/22. Am still getting notices that OA is due to expire. I have 2 charges from Cleverbridge - one for $30 and one for 84 cents. Please fix.
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