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  1. solved the problem: After cleaning up reinstallation went smoothly. Regards, Clemens
  2. Recently, I encountered a problem with Anti-Malware after a computer restart: "Emsisoft cann't connect to its services executable. Restart the PC or contact support if the problem remains" (see attached screenshot clip1.png). In the services tab of the taskmanager (Win7-64) I found that the a2AntiMaleware service was not started and could not be started manually. After several reboots with the same message I deinstalled Anti-Maleware and tried to reinstall it. Now the error message is: "It looks like Emsisoft is already installed on this computer. Deinstall it, reboot the PC and install it again. If you are shure Emsisoft is not installed contact support" (attached screenshot Clip3.png) What to do now in order to restore Anti-Malware ? Regards, Clemens
  3. Please find attached what ESET online scan found. You said that the ComboFix log looks pretty good. Do you have any hint what caused the original problem ?
  4. Thanks for your quick reply. I've done as advised, however ComboFix insisted on MS Security Essentials have been running, despite I've switched it off. Please find attached ComboFix.txt. ComboFix restarted the computer. After that the original problem seemed to be gone, but my system looked destroyed !! I couldn't start programs anymore (error message: "acces to a registry entry which is marked for deletion"). After a further manual reboot the system looked o.k., I could start programs. I'l have a closer look tomorow. Thanks for now.
  5. I'm afraid to have a virus / rootkit problem: Using Win 7 / 64 in the taskmanager apear after logon several processes with the description "ZX Games - The old ZX Spectrum Games" (32 bit process). The process names are random (looking like hex numbers). In the application list there are no additional entries. The main problem is that permanently more and more of this processes are started, causing the system to page to disk. After about 700 to 800 processes Windows gets stuck completely. Starting Windows in secure mode (boot to commandline) this does --NOT-- happen. It looks like the processes are started from %user%\AppData\Local\Temp, because the corresponding *.exe files (several hundred) can be found here, some of them having 0 size, what indicates they are written by an other process (I removed the power supply to stop the machine). Corresponding *.tmp files (same names, all of them zero size) are found in the same directory. Since I can use the commandline only I tried a2cmd and stinger as commanline virus scanners, but nothing has been found. What to do ???