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  1. Just I saw a topic talked about this problem. One solution is to leave open port 1701 (where it connects to the VPN). Not sure if it is this. But now my VPN works without problem. PS: I'm sure I searched the forum and did not find anything about it, but today I went back to look and I found it, sorry.
  2. I'm having trouble connecting to my VPN (PureVPN) that manages a L2TP protocol. Try to connect with the firewall enabled and it is impossible. I have all the processes is PureVPN whitelist all allowed traffic. I can only connect if I disable the Firewall (although after connecting I can activate it again)
  3. Good question, I have a license of Emsisoft AntiMalware for many days and I get 200 for Online Armor. I can not install the version of Emsisoft Internet Security that I have a license for that particular version. What can you do? If I wanted Emsisoft Internet Security and Antimalware only have license? Bad english
  4. Folders and records that I should add to the exclusion list to work properly? At the moment I have: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Emsisoft Internet Security C: \ ProgramData \ Emsisoft Need another?
  5. I recommend you talk to Christian Peter. I solved a problem of such "uniting" both licenses in only one.
  6. I did what you mentioned and remove the system startup program automatically (nvtray.exe) it is not necessary for an application running nvidia. I have a bad English
  7. Thanks for your help. The problem was due to the application "Nvtray.exe" (nvidia graphics application). Just gave permission to the application and remove it from the system startup problem solved
  8. It is normal to be so high the surf protection even when not running any web browser? When the surf protection disable CPU usage is 0-1% But to enable the CPU usage is 10-15% (without any browser or program running) I find it somewhat curious that surf protection use more CPU than the other modules (file guard, behavior blocker)
  9. Emsisoft Antimalware is optimized to work together with another antimalware program.
  10. Currently I have a license for 1 year Online Armor Pro and I have another of 1 year duration without activating yet. As I have only one computer I wonder if I can "merge" the two licenses for one. Of course what I want is to be added on the second to the first. I have another question, if the merger is not possible. I would like to finish my current membership with online armor pro activate the second license. It would be worth it? could have two years of protection that?. I have a bad English
  11. Hello, I am currently Antimalware Emsisot user and always used in conjunction with Comodo Firewall. I am interested to try Online Armor Pro especially for its bank protection but when testing a trial version for 30 days the program tells me that my period is over. Do not I have the right to try the trial version? someone can provide a valid key for 30 days to see if Online Armor Pro should I buy?
  12. Only comment that the Kaspersky database was obsolete and updates typically use more CPU resources to EAM. Charging interface (GUI) for having 1 or 2 seconds apart not seen important, I worry more CPU usage and RAM real time protection. Kaspersky in my opinion is the best antivirus that exists today and the best antimalware EAM, if I had enough money I would buy them both. Both are excellent products. Thanks for the video. Sorry english.
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