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  1. TheErzengel

    Supporting in Spanish

    I think they prefer not to give answers to this topic.
  2. TheErzengel

    Supporting in Spanish

    It is a shame that you do not bother to answer at least this topic. Being the second most spoken language in the world.
  3. TheErzengel

    Supporting in Spanish

    After almost 5 years we still have no support in the forum? There are already many users of other languages that have it, I think even among ourselves (the Spanish speakers) we can help each other.
  4. TheErzengel

    Problem with PureVPN

    Just I saw a topic talked about this problem. One solution is to leave open port 1701 (where it connects to the VPN). Not sure if it is this. But now my VPN works without problem. PS: I'm sure I searched the forum and did not find anything about it, but today I went back to look and I found it, sorry.
  5. TheErzengel

    Problem with PureVPN

    I'm having trouble connecting to my VPN (PureVPN) that manages a L2TP protocol. Try to connect with the firewall enabled and it is impossible. I have all the processes is PureVPN whitelist all allowed traffic. I can only connect if I disable the Firewall (although after connecting I can activate it again)
  6. TheErzengel

    Licence question

    Good question, I have a license of Emsisoft AntiMalware for many days and I get 200 for Online Armor. I can not install the version of Emsisoft Internet Security that I have a license for that particular version. What can you do? If I wanted Emsisoft Internet Security and Antimalware only have license? Bad english
  7. Folders and records that I should add to the exclusion list to work properly? At the moment I have: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Emsisoft Internet Security C: \ ProgramData \ Emsisoft Need another?
  8. TheErzengel

    Thoughts on Mamutu

    In my country Mamutu 1 year is $ 10 dlls. I do not look expensive
  9. TheErzengel

    CLOSED License Center

    I recommend you talk to Christian Peter. I solved a problem of such "uniting" both licenses in only one.
  10. TheErzengel

    CPU usage with surf protection activated

    I did what you mentioned and remove the system startup program automatically (nvtray.exe) it is not necessary for an application running nvidia. I have a bad English
  11. TheErzengel

    CPU usage with surf protection activated

    Thanks for your help. The problem was due to the application "Nvtray.exe" (nvidia graphics application). Just gave permission to the application and remove it from the system startup problem solved
  12. It is normal to be so high the surf protection even when not running any web browser? When the surf protection disable CPU usage is 0-1% But to enable the CPU usage is 10-15% (without any browser or program running) I find it somewhat curious that surf protection use more CPU than the other modules (file guard, behavior blocker)
  13. TheErzengel

    2 Antimalware programs

    Emsisoft Antimalware is optimized to work together with another antimalware program.
  14. TheErzengel


    Emsisoft Antimalware Copyright 2003-2013 Online Armor Copyright 2003-2012
  15. TheErzengel

    Extension of License

    Thanks ;D sent