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  1. Hi. I uninstalled EAM right after my first post and reinstalled Avast. This afternoon, after reading your answers (thanks for that), I installed EAM again, this time just disabled Avast. Everything is fine. I'm yet to decide if I'll buy a licence. Not that the quality of the product is in question. It is, arguably, the best AV solution out there. I'm just not sure, considering I browse 99.9% ot the time inside Sandboxie, if I need to pay for a security app. Anyway... right now it's running at bellow 5MB (is that normal...?) with no impact on browsing. Languy99 tested it with excelent results (the quiz at the end of the video is of highly questionable pertinence and leaves a sour taste in the mouth, but that's only a personal opinion).Overall, congratulations for a top notch program. Jose.
  2. After uninstalling Avast with its unistalling tool in safe mode I produced to install EAM 6. It didn't turn on File Guard, it wouldn't do it. I rebooted twice, to no avail. I uninstalled and reinstalled EAM (with the usual reboots); all was on but... Windows didn't (doesn't) recognise the program. It's been three hours now, and I'm yet to understand what is wrong (it's not my machine, please don't ask). I don't mind wasting time but... I mind wasting time like this. P.S. after another reboot Windows says there's no AV or AS on the horizon... nice P.P.S. EAM's two processes (is it two?) are consuming less than 3 MB ram, and no CPU at all. I'm leaving...
  3. If I understood the description of the new EISP it includes Mamutu. Isn't that a bit of an overkill? Also, if things are evolving on to a more integrated set of components, why kill OA++? Why not wait for : EISP looks like an unnecessary step.
  4. Hi. Since upgrading to 5.1 I see in History a daily Automatic Update. This was not the case with the previous versions. Could someone tell me what exactly is being updated? Regards, Jose.
  5. I understand that not everything can be posted here. Why? Because the competition roams this forums (everybody checks everybody's, obviously). That said; after OA was sold to Emsisoft I think there's only one way to finish this marriage: a full suite. But then, considering the number of options (cloud scaning, sandbox, browser add-ons) and the unpredictable developments in both malware and anti-malware creativity, it's quite a wild guess to imagine things in a couple of years time. Still, I wouldn't mind taking a peak at a roadmap.
  6. One of us is living in a different world http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/ Where is "EAM Free"? "slightly after"? Isn't EEK updated manually? What am I missing?
  7. Could you evolve on it? I find this both interesting and disturbing. This is a quote from one of your posts at Wilders. Which is which? EEK with additional features, or EEK slimmed down... or what?
  8. Engines; Ikarus and Emsisoft's own. The only differences are 1 EAM will work in real time while EEK is an on demand scanner 2 EAM updates automatically while EEK needs manual action. As far as I remember from the last time I tried EEK (which I turned to EAM trial just by going to Settings/License) all the modules and signatures are present in both versions.
  9. When using Utorrent. Before I did my first torrent download (Azureus back then) I extensively researched what a Torrent was, what a client and a tracker was, what type of connections, protocols, ports it used, etc. Then, and only then, I started using the service. But, the idea of being connected to other PCs still give me the creeps although I know I've configured Utorrent, I've configured OA. I've nothing to fear. That's paranoia (or the bottle of Whisky).
  10. Yes, thanks to Comodo's and OA's forums I now feel at ease (most of the times) configuring applications rules in FWs. But, when I know I have several active connections to other PCs, and even if I'm sure everything is properly set up, I'm always a bit nervous.
  11. Hi Lynx. Yes, I have Mamutu in Paranoid Mode. And yes, my Application Rules match your snapshot's. That's good to know. I got a bit jumpy because I'm still getting familiar with Mamutu. Thanks for the answer, Regards.
  12. Hi. While downloading a film with Utorrent I got the following alert from Mamutu "Program tries to download invisibly data from the internet" Does anyone know if this is a normal alert for torrent clients? Regards.
  13. First af all congratulations; the changelog is promising. One question though, is this public beta for the paid versions only? Regards.
  14. The new ESET has a full fledged HIPS. I don't know if there wouldn't be conflicts.
  15. Go to Main GUI/Firewall/Programs, look for the specific program entry and delete it. After that the first time it tries to connect you will have a pop-up (don't forget stapp's set-up as well).
  16. Thanks for the answer Linx, that explains it. As you said, it can be improved. For ex. I had Avast as "Yes" and when I excluded it it turned "No" and joined other "Nos" which are still being monitored. The Help pane could use with some update as well. Regards, Jose.
  17. Hi. I'm not sure if this is by design: in the Processes window when I scroll down I will see a number of "No" and "Yes" entries in the Monitored column. I found it strange that so many processes were not being monitored so I double clicked some of them only to read in the Application rule pop-up that yes, they were being monitored. Could someone enlighten me on this? Thanks.
  18. Thanks for the info catprincess. thorough as always.
  19. That's not available in the free version, I'll do it manually. Thanks sded.
  20. Hi. I have a small glitch on my machine and I'm in the process of finding the culprit (disabling programs and browser add ons one at a time). My question is: is it alright to just disable OA ant turn Windows FW on? Or would there be conflicts? Thanks.
  21. I didn't mind to see the border. the problem was that Sandboxie would behave quite unpredictably with Run Safer. You're right. I'll either change my account from admn to standard user or enable Experimental Protection. I'm just waiting for feedback from Sandboxie forums. Thanks for the help.
  22. Finally I got to the bottom of this! Yes, if you uncheck "drop rights" in Sandboxie the issue is gone.
  23. Now I have a real issue! Sandboxie or OA? The answer is: Sandboxie. Could a dev pop-in? I don't want to ditch OA. Why do my browsers (all of them) are "run safered" when I sandboxie them? P.S. Thanks Cat.
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