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  1. Dear Forum, I am a new forum member. Some time ago my computer had a bad virus.... and I hired a tech whiz to fix the virus. He came over with a USB stick with the free emergency kit scanner pre loaded on it..... slapped it into my usb port..... opened the scanner up somehow and had the virus identified and removed all within 30 minutes!!! I was watching but did not take notes. Now, I have that same problem again - but I myself have emsisoft emergency kit scanner loaded onto a 8 gig flash dive, but don't know how to run it once I put it into the usb port and try boot the computer up - I cannot get it to open up - or I am not booting from the usb port - don't know how to set that up either - the boot sequience.... anybody can help? Bruce - email address removed by moderator to avoid member being spammed