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  1. @stapp could you confirm the fix please
  2. We’ve just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2020.1.0.9926 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. Fixed: Issue with display scaling on Windows 10.
  3. okay , expected. issue seems related. working on a fix...
  4. @stapp could you confirm that your screen scaling is set to higher than 100% ?
  5. thanks stapp. we will check your logs
  6. WSC integrating issue has been fixed in today's beta2 2020.1.0.9922 UI issue happens once only and we're investigating why this happens that progress counter and found detections counter are hidden when you click the 'new scan' aka 'close' button. We keep this info visible until user checked the scan results.
  7. We’ve just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2020.1.0.9922 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. Fixed: Issue with Windows Security Center (WSC) integration on Windows 10.
  8. Hi, Migrating to ECC is completely stress-free anyway, as it's migration procedure is robust and easy. 1. Yes. When you create a new workspace (without assigning a license) and download the small 2mb webinstaller and run it on some devices where EAM is installed, it will apply a trial licence, disconnect from EEC and connect the devices to the workspace. By default, all new devices will be connected to the 'new computers' group, but you could also create a token per protection group and download the webinstaller from there. Devices then will be automatically assigned to that policy group. If you later want to assign a license to the workspace, all connected devices will get that license applied. 2. As soon as you assign a license to a workspace, all EEC connected devices will automatically disconnect from EEC and connect to ECC -new computers' group. Users will see a dialog where they need to confirm the switch to ECC, for security reasons. 3. yes. As i explained, there is no need to reinstall EAM. Another option is to run a2start /applytoken={token} on each client, via cmdline. It has the same effect as running the webinstaller+token on each device: check if EAM is installed, if so, apply the token and connec to to the workspace, of not, download latest MSI installer, install EAM and connect to the workspace. Hope this helps. Cheers
  9. @stapp we have a x-mas present for you in version 2020.1
  10. We’ve just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2020.1.0.9915 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. We’re changing the product versioning to always reflect the current/release month instead of the previous/development month. Version 2019.12, therefore, becomes 2020.1. New color-coded menu badges. Our improved left side menu now provides quick access to relevant information, such as an indicator for active scans, new items in quarantine, or new critical events. When the menu is in full expanded style, colored icons with animations or numbers will tell you what’s going on. – Scan: Flashing blue dot during active scans. Changes to red when malware is found. Solid color when the scan is paused. – Quarantine: Blue dot indicates objects in quarantine. Orange for newly quarantined objects. – Logs: Orange dot indicates new important events. New Google Authenticator support. When logging in with your Emsisoft user account, you can now choose to have your identity verified with Google Authenticator instead of a one-time code sent by email. Applies to logins in the software to activate a license and also to logins at MyEmsisoft (Cloud Console). Please enable Google Authenticator in your MyEmsisoft user profile. Improved app restart behavior on scanner findings. Improved window design. Several minor tweaks and fixes.
  11. Emsisoft Anti -Malware Beta New features and technology improvements are here for you to test. Joining as beta tester gives you the opportunity to test the latest versions before public release. You can help us improve by providing much appreciated feedback. Emsisoft Anti-Malware licenses are available for those who report the most interesting bugs or had the most complete feedback. How to switch to Beta If you want an early preview just switch to the beta update feed in Settings / Updates : Update feed. Please be aware that you're using beta versions of the software at your own risk. These versions are not yet fully tested and may still have major errors. Do not enable this option if you are not able to handle crash situations on your own! Only use this option if you are an advanced user. Feedback We would appreciate your feedback of any kind. If you find any new bugs, please create a new topic in the Beta section of this forum. One topic for each issue please, so we can track and respond to them individually.
  12. thanks for your feedback, as this is a hotifx release, we release it asap today.