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  1. We've just released Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2018.7.1.3419 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. Stability improvements.
  2. Frank H

    CLOSED Host files b8750

    Thanks for the feedback xeon and happy to hear that the issue has been resolved.
  3. thanks for your feedback guys. much appreciated. 2018.7.2.8843 will probably go to stable today.
  4. We’ve just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.7.2.8843 beta hotfix. This beta fixes the following issues: Slow computer shut down issue. slow service restart.
  5. We've found the culprit in the service dump by @marko We will work on a fix. There is no need to provide new dumps for now. Thanks guys.
  6. yep, thanks got it
  7. you can send it to [email protected] via wetransfer. thanks or bedankt !
  8. how large is the file ?
  9. regarding to the shutdown delays: could you guys try this: 1. disable self-protection in EAM 2. open CMD as administrator 3. run: sc stop a2antimalware 4. check with taskmanager if proces a2service stays in 'stopping' state 5. create a process dump if so 6. please send me the dumpfile, zipped. you can start EAm again by starting Emsisoft Anti-Malware via the windows start menu. thanks
  10. I wouldn't invest too much time in this now Jeremy as search is unstable. will be improved.
  11. Frank H

    CLOSED Build 8839

    yes yes yes it doesn't terminate it yes, zip it, drink a coffee (or 2) and send it to me per
  12. workaround: when you typed a non matching search word, click in the grid and use the scrollwheel. the list will be refreshed and emptied
  13. thanks. this is a gui issue. as soon as you type non-matching characters, the grid gets confused and isn't refreshed. The grid should show no matching processes for 'kedjkl'. the issue with non working context menu entries will then be non-existent.
  14. Frank H

    CLOSED Build 8839

    as an example: a2service_20180807143409(7864).log This log contains logdata from a2service that ran or runs with processID (PID) 7864 That's what i meant so if we get a dump of a2service with PID 1234, i need logs of a2service_*(1234).log