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  1. As said earlier, Emsisoft doesn't offer such rewards. I said that Beta's are quite stable, that means that there probably are no major issues. Just create a new topic in this forum or ask me in a PM when you think you found an issue. If you have Panda installed together with EAM i can assure you that compatibility issues might show up. This is why our latest installer warns the user when other AV's have been detected. So if you like to test our software, please remove other AV's. Thanks
  2. Our software offers an easy way to switch between stable, beta and delayed update feeds. Beta's are quite stable already, because they passed our QA. In case of a hotfix, we ask the users that suffer from that issue to switch to beta, to be able to verify the fix. In this way we are able to act very quickly on issues and release the hotfix build as stable. Waiting for your logs..
  3. That is not the reality. We have a small group of active testers and they all have free licences AFAIK. In general, the goal should be that testers like to provide feedback and help us improve our software and as a 'thank you' we provide free licences. I've seen too many times that we provided a free key at the start and we never heard anything from them again. @Shinojmkd could you please provide me the following: - enable debuglogging (select 'enable for 1 day' in the dropdown you will find in the bottom of the support screen, after clicking on the Support tile in the overview screen) - restart your pc - when you notice the File Guard not starting issue: wait 5 more minutes - disable debuglogging - zip and send me logs from \programdata\emsisoft\logs - send me logs from https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/farbar-recovery-scan-tool/ pls send me the logs per PM. Thanks
  4. btw stapp, this is expected behavior and valid for all logs
  5. It seem you do not get the point as you start again now. We are here to help anyone. Just ask, be polite and show respect to all forum members, that's all. The link I sent you last friday exactly explains how to enable beta updates https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/26715-beta-license/?do=findComment&comment=166163 So what other info do you require ?
  6. thanks stapp Shinojmkd the fact that you are new here and have no clue how things work doesn't give you the right to insult. As a beta tester you'd always have the beta update feed enabled. it doesn't matter if beta=stable, just post your findings in the beta forum. When you follow: https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/25208-emsisoft-anti-malware-emsisoft-internet-security-12-beta-test/ you will be informed as soon as a new beta has been released. The software will update automatically to the latest beta, if you have set the beta update feed. I also require feedback on my question:
  7. the issue seems to be fixed and will be available in the 2017.8 beta release
  8. hi, it's not. Users should be able to shutdown protection when needed. (The file guard will stay activated anyways) As soon as a user decided to shutdown protection they knwo what they a re doing, EAM even shows a warning dialog.
  9. this is a known issue: the scanning icon is white and the background is white.
  10. @Shinojmkd Currently beta=stable We release beta versions around every 24th of every month. After 1 week we release to stable Could you inform me about the status of setting Settings / General : Enable realtime protection at startup.
  11. closing ticket for reason that EIS is being merged with EAM