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  1. Hi onbox, how can we help ?
  2. Thanks, The issue should have been fixed already.
  3. hi Siketa, Could you confirm that the bug is still active ?
  4. I'ts not a bug, it's by design. Notifications and scheduled scans have no relation. So if you setup a scheduled scan for usb insertions and you have 'removable device connections' notifications enabled, you will see that notification. If you don't want to see those notifications, just disable them, as they have not much sense when a scheduled scan already is going to start, right ?
  5. Hi stapp. Your issue seems to occur after the 2nd scan and it's not related to USB scans only. Thanks
  6. Good evening, We jut have released EAM/EIS 2017.4.0.7424 beta This update will require an application restart New: Start a scheduled scan on USB insertion. New: Revert settings to policy defaults, when managed by Emsisoft Enterprise Console. New: Apply individual settings, when managed by Emsisoft Enterprise Console. Improved: Behavior blocker monitor now shows correct process information when the process started from a shared folder. Improved: Proxy server support when deployed from Emsisoft Enterprise Console. Improved: Minor UI improvments. Fixed: Occasional issue which blocked correct Windows 10 shutdown.
  7. Thanks for your feedback ! you can easily add an additional seat to your existing 1 seat license and renew your license with a nice discount, which increases per year, here: thanks
  8. fyi: we've just released the beta as stable release.
  9. thanks for the feedback !
  10. Hi everyone, We just have released Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.3.2.7392 hotfix BETA. This update will require an application restart. Fixed: Occasional issue with Windows user profiles.
  11. Hi, We currently are fixing an issue related to W10 that could cause the shutdown issue you experienced. As soon as I have news i'll post it here. Thanks