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  1. Running multiple protection apps concurrently is a source for PIA's anyway.
  2. i believe these temp files seems to be Bitdefender related and is not to worry about. This is not new behavior. This could happen when no updates are available, which happens so now and then
  3. where do you get this from ?
  4. we have 1 requirement: on TCP port 61614 should be open in your firewall more info:
  5. no executable data is and can be transferred from device to ECC.
  6. Hi Zwergenmeister Thanks for your feedback. Please note that ECC is in beta stage and we're adding new stuff and fixing things on a regular base. 1. planned 2. known and being worked on 3. data: what would you like to get from and send to a device ? german translation will be updated. VG Frank
  7. Thanks for your feedback Pete. We have to check each time EAM starts as users can delete installed KB's. When we 'assume', because we set some tag somewhere, that the KB is installed and just start EAM, it will just stop working, as this KB is a mandatory, rendering user's system unprotected. which is a no go.
  8. EAM performs the check at program startup, so if you won't see it the first time, you'll never see it ;=)
  9. @Peter2150 we have just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2019.5.0.9476 beta which includes improvements regarding the KB4474419 check. The KB should now correctly be detected.
  10. We’ve just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2019.5.0.9476 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. Minor tweaks and fixes.
  11. my screenshot was made using EAM just as an example and sure you can use the same variables in EEC policies.
  12. Thansk @Peter2150, we are testing a fix and will release a 2nd beta this weekend most probably.
  13. Hello Noel, You can use environment variables in the exclusion rules. See my attached screenprint. by using these you can easily create one rule for all your user's local app data folders. example: %userprofiles%\appdata\MSteams\ will exclude all files in those folder please note that EAM env. variables contain more paths than expected, as EAM protection work on system level and not on user level This is why you see multiple paths in my example. Does this help ?
  14. @peter2150 thanks.
  15. @peter2150 does EAm still warn you to install that KB or is all fine now