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  1. Thanks. Vaak kunnen we in logs niet zien wat zulk soort problemen veroorzaakt, omdat de EAM service al gestopt is en er dus niet meer wordt gelogd. Wat je de klant zou kunnen adviseren: Zet de Behavior Blocker uit voor het afsluiten van de pc. Wanneer het probleem dan niet meer optreedt weten we waar we moeten zoeken.
  2. @PC reset kan je doorgeven welke Windows 10 versie je klant heeft ? Thanks
  3. The issue is a global one (see screenshots) and probably a Microsoft bug. We're further investigating this.
  4. Thanks for your feedback, We're going to check this.
  5. Hi Tommy, Vreemd. Ik heb even nagevraagd bij support, en we hebben geen enkel vergelijkbaar support request ontvangen. gebeurt dit alleen wanneer de pc even (hoe lang is dat ?) is aan geweest ? cheers
  6. Hi Jamie, Could you try to setup the connection from the client to see if that works ? This is a new feature we have made available in current stable version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Install EAM, goto settings/license and enter the servername and the password you use when you start the Emsisoft Enterprise Console UI. For support you can always send and email to I hope this helps Cheers
  7. stapp, we've fixed the issue. Next beta will start logging again. if you can't wait there are 2 options: 1) delete logs.db3. the log database will be recreated automatically on service start, which will fix the issue 2) send me your logs.db3, we fix the database and return it to you, (free of charge )
  8. Update or logging problem

    Thanks for your feedback. We're looking into this issue atm.
  9. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. Closing this thread now.
  10. Hi stapp , I can confirm the issue and we're investigating atm.
  11. Hi, We are currently updating the manual, as it might be a bit confusing here and there. Best practice is when you check the batchfiles yourself and see what they do, it's not that special, and apply that in your GPO.
  12. Dat komt omdat de NL mini site niet meer bestaat. EIS was al eerder verwijderd van cheers