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  1. We've just released Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2018.4.0.8670 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. New: GDPR compliance.
  2. Hi Bart, Wanneer je game mode aanzet start de update scheduler niet omdat dat (Don't run ...) vinkje in Settings/updates aanstaat. Voor de zekerheid heb ik dit net getest en EAM start inderdaad geen update. In jouw screenprint zie ik dat de laatste update 1 dag geleden was. Heb je updates afgebroken ? Daarbij kan je nog controleren in Logs of er een update is gestart.
  3. Bedankt

    Hi Gerhard, Om deze thread af te kunnen sluiten kan ik melden dat bovenstaand probleem verholpen is.
  4. Hello, We just have released Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2018.4.2.3370 - with BETA updates enabled: Connection stability with Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
  5. CLOSED a2contextmenu.dll

    Yes. Fortunately EAM doesn't require computer restarts after the 2018.3 release, so it could take a while until we will be able. On the other hand, there is no reason to worry about this. Cheers
  6. Password

    You are welcome.
  7. CLOSED a2contextmenu.dll

    We didn't make any changes to these files for years and when we would, they would require a computer restart, which we want to avoid as much as possible.
  8. Password

    Hi guys, By default EAM applies no permission restrictions for (local) admin accounts. So if your users login as local admin, you will have to set the Permissions for local admins to 'Basic access' and set the Master password. You can do this locally in EAM. When your organization uses Emsisoft Enterprise Console, you can manage the password and permissions from EEC in the following way: - Open Policies / User Polices / Group permissions, select the usergroup on the left and set the level to 'Basic access' - Open Policies / Computer Policies / Computer settings , go to the Password section, tick the 'Password' checkbox and set the password. As soon as EEC synchronizes it's policies with all EAM clients, your (local admin) users will have to enter the password as soon as they open the EAM Overview screen and try to change a setting. thanks
  9. PENDING a2 service exception

    We can only confirm that when you setup windows to create crash dumps.
  10. PENDING a2 service exception

    hi stapp, such crash issue require a crashdump of a2service or a full system dump. Unfortunately debuglogs are not of value in such cases. Maybe you have setup Windows to create a dump of the crashing process automatically ?
  11. CONFIRMED Build 8555 BB entry

    Thanks for your feedback Pilis. This GUI issue has been fixed in the upcoming beta. Cheers
  12. As expected Thanks and have a nice weekend
  13. Obviously you should read the 'User Guides' section, which is the new 'online help' and replaces the local helpfiles. Th FAQ part is not related and will be updated on a regular base.
  14. stapp, could you test this with 2018.4 (stable or beta)
  15. CLOSED Core.. notifications

    FYI: string: msgSignaturesUpdatedN Is displayed in the notification when the nr of signatures AFTER the update <> the nr of signatures BEFORE the update