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  1. We just have released Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2017.6.0.3089 – with BETA updates enabled: New: Support for Emsisoft Anti-Malware event notifications. Improved: Relocated Update Proxy cache folder to \ProgramData\Emsisoft Enterprise Console\Share\UpdateProxy\Cache. Improved: Impossible to redeploy or use light package after Emsisoft Anti-Malware failed to connect. Improved: Minor issues and GUI. Fixed: Reset password link does not work. Fixed: Daily management email reports contain the encoded PDF file. Fixed: Update Proxy ignores proxy settings. Fixed: Occasional failed database migration during update from an earlier version. Fixed: Several reporting issues.
  2. Nope it should be hidden. On my W10 it's hidden. what is your windows version ?
  3. We can block ticking the last unchecked checkbox, but I guess that other users might contact us about that ;=), So we'd leave this as is.
  4. The new unattended scan feature has particularly been added for servers or workstations that are not monitored. no user is logged on and scheduled scans have been configured.
  5. hi guys This has been like this since the introduction of scheduled scans stapp Applying logic to automatically grey out all selected 7 days and change the scan to 'daily' would be overkill, right ?
  6. Hello, I'd like to inform you that we just have released Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security 2017.6.0.7640 – with BETA updates enabled: This update will require an application restart. New: Unattended scheduled scans: Scans now run even if no user is logged on in Windows. New: Email notifications: Setup email notifications for selected events. Improved: Improved support for Windows Store apps. Fixed: List of files in Quarantine wasn’t refreshed after scan started by Emsisoft Enterprise Console (if applicable)
  7. EEC doesn't fully support SAMBA, which seems be the culprit for your issue (browse domain failure) We are constantly improving EEC, so we might improve SAMBA support. In this case, you can manually add computers to EEC and deploy to them. Thanks
  8. Hi Locatex, Sure i can have a look I'll send you a pm with details cheers
  9. hi, Like I said: it is an expected event , not related to timing and not an issue
  10. lol ! well, the message is the same and the cause too: Some processes Windows enforces specific digital signatures. One of them being everything related to DRM. like audiodg. When we try to load our DLL in there, we get this message.
  11. Hi stapp, you promised me not to worry about such messages: cheers