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  1. Hello, We just have released Emsisoft Enterprise Console 2018.2.0.3314 - with BETA updates enabled: New: Behavior Blocker alert option policy “Auto resolve, notifications for threats only”. Several minor tweaks and fixes.
  2. CLOSED 8439 Beta

    thanks for your feedback. We've just released the February beta 2018.2.
  3. Hello, We've just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.2.0.8461 – with BETA updates enabled: This update will require an application restart. New: Behavior Blocker alert option "Auto resolve, notifications for threats only", which replaces the previous default setting "Auto resolve, with lookup notifications". New: Ability to permanently disable "Recommended reading" notifications. New: Shortcut button "Fix now" to resolve any non- or partially- protected product states. Improved: Automatic licence remapping. Improved: Factory reset now resets grids and Emsisoft Security Center screen position. Improved: Compatibility with Windows Security Center. Fixed: Export of hostrules in Settings / Export settings. Fixed: Occasional freezes of scan tasks. Several minor UI/UX improvements for a smoother workflow, i.e. reworded malware notifications. Several minor tweaks and fixes.
  4. Did you ever hear about April Fools day
  5. CLOSED 8439 Beta

    yes, we had to release the 2018.1.1 hotfix to stable asap. Both were released within one hour as the fix was safe. Thanks for your feedback
  6. Hi guys, We've just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.1.1.8439 – with BETA updates enabled: This update will require an application restart. Fixed: Issue with scanning of removable device connections.
  7. Hi Thomas, You can easily add Behavior Blocker monitoring exclusions in EEC, in the computergroup policies. Add a new monitoring exclusion (pick any file from the eec server,) and manually change the path to the one you need on your clients. ps. i noticed that your screenprint shows an issue, as File Guard is not involved in the Quarantining process.Will be fixed. I hope this helps
  8. NEW Core.. notifications

    Hi Jeremy it seems you found a glitch too: msgSignaturesUpdatedN=Updates were downloaded and installed successfully. msgUpdateCompleted=The update process was successfully completed. both strings are used and one of them is obsolete, will fix that
  9. NEW Core.. notifications

    Hi Jeremy >The update process was successfully completed." -> this is the forensics entry for when a notification was shown. when you have that notification disabled in Settings/notifications, there won't added be such forensics record. So it seems that core/notification records are visible after a2start or a2service restart. minor gui issue. edit: i can't replciate the issue on W10. Core/Notification records are visible right after the update when i open forensics Thanks
  10. yep, it's the a2start session to be honest. When you close a2start GUI, the a2start process remains in memory. When you stop/kill that process or reboot pc, a2start will be loaded again and applies it's default value for that checkbox. it's not a setting.
  11. Hi stapp, this behavior is by design.
  12. Thanks for your feedback, We will include these logfiles in the backup scheme, so that the filesizes will stay within normal limits.
  13. Hi again ! We've just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.1.0.8407 – with BETA updates enabled: This update will require an application restart. Improved: Support for application rule templates with wildcard- and environment variables support, to be defined via Emsisoft Enterprise Console.
  14. CLOSED 8388 - Behaviour Blocker

    Thanks Jeremy