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  1. Frank H

    NEW Beta 10259

    Thanks for your feedback. We are investigating this already.
  2. Frank H

    NEW Beta 10259

    a2start CPU and RAM usage should be improved in beta 2020.7.0.10259, we're still on that.
  3. a2start CPU and RAM usage should be improved in beta 2020.7.0.10259
  4. a2start CPU and RAM usage should be improved in beta 2020.7.0.10259
  5. We’ve just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2020.7.0.10259 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. Several tweaks and fixes.
  6. Yes, of course. Emsisoft always listens to their customers and we regularly add features on request. That doesn't mean however that when we receive some complaints about removal of a not so important notification from a few users, we instantly bring it back, while 99,999% of the users do not even care.
  7. thanks for sharing Jeremy.
  8. it would be be hard to buy something via an online shop then
  9. thanks ! if you want to apply for the title 'Bugbounty hunter' and earn some money, you will have to read this: You then will have to deal with Fabian and i can assure you that you will like me more than you already do. good luck ! I can only offer you this; 🌻
  10. Thanks for all your feedback. We can replicate and are working on this issue to get this resolved asap. This just takes time as its not an easy one and we have to analyse step by step. New logs are not required. Workaround: disable selfprotection and kill process a2start. a2start is just the UI and it will load again when you click on the Emsisoft Icon in the icon tray. Additionally: We added CPU load info to debug logging. So only when you enable debuglogging and send us the logs, we can analyse CPU load.
  11. FYI: EAM 2020.6 has been released as stable
  12. We are aware and analyzing, thanks for the feedback