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  1. We have improved notifications in a next Cloud Console release. The timezone difference between Server and users/admin are expected and might be improved and probably settable in a future update of Cloud Console,
  2. The above situation occurs when you install EAM on more devices than the licence covers. This results in license mapping errors on random devices. Solution is to increase the number of seats of your license.
  3. Can you provide me with both of your licences in a PM please ? Thanks
  4. hi guys, you're mixing up 2 settings, like stapp already expected. Copy/paste actions invoke the File Guard, which obviously applies the settings as configured under 'File Guard'. The settings under 'Scanner Settings' are applied when running an on demand scan or scheduled scan. For scheduled scans the settings act as a template and can be modified per scheduled scan task. In this way users are offered to set different functionality for both realtime protection (File Guard) and Scans. Archives, like ZIP, are only scanned during (scheduled) custom scans and (manual) explorer context menu scans.
  5. Did you guys try reboot your machines to see if that helps ? Thanks
  6. @Raynor excuse me for the delayed reply. i suggest you test this yourself, which is a good thing anyway to gain experience and see it working, before you start migrating your network. You could create a temp. workspace and switch one device to it to see how it works.
  7. @marko we have analyzed another dump which helped, so there is no need for your dump right now. Thank
  8. @marko thanks, yes we'd like to analyze the dump. you can pm me with the link.
  9. Yes confirmed stapp. we had an issue with one of our sever, which has been resolved. thanks !
  10. fyi: we just have released a new epp.sys driver to the beta update feed, this will result in an application restart. There is no need to test anything. Thanks
  11. replied. In general: Our licensing system allows you to install EAM on n devices even when its a 1 seat license. During an update of the first device that updates, EAM will map the license to it self, taking away the seat from the others, resulting in licence/mapping errors. EAM installed on the other devices will stop functioning. You need to take care to have enough seats in a license. You can easily add seats in the Workspace settings / License section: link: change license Thanks
  12. Hi and welcome, What is the involved workspace ? (you can pm me ) Thanks
  13. @merryworks Thanks for your feedback. First of all, Emsisoft offers one of the best protection layers against ransomware. If there anyway would be a need to disconnect the devices from the internet, you could use the 'Network Lockdown' feature in Emsisoft Cloud Console. This wil not disconnect the devices from Emsisoft Cloud Console as that would render the AV un-managed. EAM will stay fully manageable and receive updates. Does that make sense ?
  14. EAM 2020.2 had to re-register itself to WSC for technical reasons, and this caused that Windows warning. Unfortunately Windows doesn't display a notifications when AV is in OK state again
  15. thanks. we'll update that
  16. @Eddie The forensic log on ECC side isn't 100% covering the details yet, we are working on that.
  17. The taskmanager IO write bytes, does not necessarily mean HD writes. network writes etc are logged too. You can check real HD writes in the Windows resource monitor, a2service selected, Disk tab, see example below. This shows disk IO during an update. simple check to proof this is: Disable EAM selfprotection and kill process a2start and a2guard, you will notice that the IOwrites counters nearly stops. The continuous IO writes mainly is internal EAM network communication and no disk writes.
  18. As both EAM and Emsisoft Cloud Console (ECC) are tight together we do not have a separate ECC forum, All ECC related questions can be posted in the EAM forum. There are no restrictions related to EAM versions. I can agree that the details need some more details
  19. hi @Eddie Silent mode replaced the term 'Game mode' a while ago. Silent mode can be activated manually to let EAM shutup during full screen presentations, full screen movier watching etc. EAM also has an auto silent mode, which is triggered when EAM gets a signal from Windows, when Windows decided it is in inappropriate to show notifications, like when running full screen apps. The best way to make EAM run in the background in auto pilot mode is to make proper settings in the EEC groups. You can disable all notifications and set user permissions to 'No access' If your requirement is to apply manual Silent mode, did you check the status of this setting on the machines that do no run scheduled updates updates ? Please note that we have a similar setting for scheduled scans. Note: EEC is a discontinued product. Did you check our cool new Cloud Console yet ? Thanks
  20. We’ve just released Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2020.2.1.9977 beta. You will have to enable beta updates to get this version. Fixed: Issue with setting 'Start on System startup'. This beta has been released as hotfix to Stable.
  21. thanks for your feedback guys, planning to release 2020.2 today