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  1. I miss just classify pages. No response I can enter data on phishing sites. It seems to me that the "Safe Surf" should react. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. I'm a regular user of Emsisoft. This is a cool program with high efficiency but protecting the web is tragic. I moved a lot of testing on the pages of scam, phishing, but Emsisoft not blocking anything. If the page is infected with one of the engines sometimes reacts as it should. But that's not enough. I've never seen the Emsisoft alert on the dangerous side. Could you fix it? It would be a great success.
  3. Thank you but I don't see link for Emsiclean. My EmsiClean log:
  4. Hello I have a strange problem with Emsisoft Antimalware.A few days ago my Emsi disappeared. However, this problem disappeared after reboot. Today , turn on computer and the same problem appeared .I wanted to run Emsi but I saw Emsi Setup. Can someone tell me what happens? Emsisoft was instaled in new Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I'm using : Online Armor, Spy Shelter Premium and Hitman Pro. Emsisoft version:
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