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  1. TO Lynx: sorry , I konw the "Forum Posing Rules" is importent now . #1 describe the problem very precisely: 1 Mamutu will produce an error and show continue, restart or close 2 but selecting any of them does nothing 3 can't restart or close pc 4 Ctr+Alt+Del does nothing at all 5 put down the "reset" button the pc can restart 6 when XP loads ,the error show again... 7 I want to start up chrome , but it can't connect to internet. 8 I had to uninstall Mamutu at safe mode I really want to show you the image, but when the problem occurred, I'm not think more, I just want my pc go to work, there have a different between user and developer. You say right, I use auto- quarantining in Avira, maybe that is the key. But now I uninstall Mamutu , I can't try it again , you know PC error make user so bored.
  2. TO Lynx: I just want to reply #1 , I don't how to remove the quote , this not importent. As you know I'm don't say this is "a Global bug" , but my friend meet the same problem ,not just me... I'm not followed the suggestions by Fabian Wosar, because when I reboot ,Mamutu show an error then I can't do anything , I can't connect to internet or use "cmd",restart my pc , I can only put down the "reset" button, the suggestion not useful at all. So I had to uninstall Mamutu at safe mode. And I'm not use the beta. ----------------------------- XP Pro, SP3 (32-bit) Avira Premium Security Suite XP firewall
  3. *** whole quote was removed {Lynx} I meet the same problem as you , but now I uninstall Mamutu under the safe-mode ╮(╯_╰)╭ so bad today
  4. It's really because of my rules,when I'm not choose the "protect that application from process manipulation" ,pc can shutdown quickly. But another thing make me puzzled "PPSTREAM.EXE" when I have not set any rule , Mamutu will not warning, but if I choose all block ,Mamutu will warning "DirectDiskAccess" But if I start "TDXW.EXE", a stock application and I'm not set any rule, Mamutu will warning "DirectDiskAccess" Immediately I don't know what make this different , maybe one thing can explain that Mamutu use whitelist , but I'm not sure. PS: I join the Anti-Malware network ,but not choose anything in Alerts
  5. Thx ctrlaltdelete,I do think so now Thx Lynx ,Thx ctrlaltdelete
  6. sorry Lynx, I'm not good at english “be closing”means OS, I use XP, uses long time to shutdown before setuped Mamutu , my pc switch off so quick so I just want to know why now I need wait long time to shutdown my pc I think it maybe because of my rules tomorrow I will feedback the situation, now I need go home, sorry ……
  7. Thx Lynx ,You helped me a great favor I use beta v3 Not any alert message, just show “be closing” Maybe another question such as checked “protect this application……”,EXPLORER.EXE,WINLOGON.EXE and so on,many system process I have checked this option
  8. I just use Mamutu a few time, so I want to make sure that Mamutu will upload the rule when switch off the pc? It's ture or false? Just now when I switch off the pc, the monitor show at "be closing" long time , I know Mamutu will upload the rule ,so I think it may because of that……