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  1. It detected Trace.Registry.imesh mediabar!E1 (6 traces -medium risk) Trace.Registry.imesh!E1 (81 traces - medium risk) Trace.Registry.zwangi!E1 (1 trace - medium risk) I'll attach the report text file
  2. I downloaded it and everything and it gave me the log text, but once it did that I wasn't able to open and run any program. What do I do after I get the log?
  3. finally lol. Okay, so again any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. The emergency kit is taking awhile.. it's at 52%
  5. I scanned my computer and found that I have Malware.Win32.AMN and when I ran emsissoft anti-malware 6.0 it scanned everything and then I quarantined the selected file and I need help with the manual removal of this malware. The files that couldn't be removed by EA6.0 are: AdWare.BHO!E2 Trojan.SuspectCRC!E2 BH0.Win32.Zwangi!E2 All help will be greatly appreciated. edit: Im doing the emergency kit and OTL scans and will post those files when they are complete.
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