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  1. Yes all seems fine, I was concerned (could you take a quick look, log very short) as this scan I did yesterday/did it again today showed 43 infections??
  2. Thanks for the help, is all okay? I have done all the above. Tony Cole
  3. No, nothing found/all clear. Is Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor offer very good protection, as some reviews last night said it offers no protection, but languy99 on youtube the detection rate was 94% and left nothing on the system? Also, can I use Sandboxie with both? Thank you for the help, I will use my PayPal account to donate online, as you are the only company to offer fast help in malware removal. Tony The person from the malware removal team asked me to OK, make sure that this site is allowed to run all scripts in NoScript?
  4. Yes I have done all the above, now all scripts will run
  5. Attached is the combofix log - all went okay, Tony
  6. This is 2 scans PCWORLD, UK run - they didn't do anything else! But my scans show malware is active, so they helped out a lot
  7. I will run the emergency kit, as Anti-Malware log shows very little detail. Thank you for the prompt reply. I keep getting this from Anti-Malware C:\System Volume Information\_restore{C20FA4D4-F7FB-40D0-8274-9117990670A0}\RP8\A0002249.exe I am asked then to submit this for advanced malware analysis
  8. Am unable to remove trojan.crypt, I have disabled system restore as it said the trojan was their, but it still remains? I was unsure as I run/use Emsisoft Anti-Malware whether I should run the emergency scan. Any help would be appreciated - OTL scan is attached. Tony Cole.