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  1. I'm aware of the OEM partitions, they are all listed under drive D:\. There was no trace of Z:\ in either Windows Explorer or Disk Manager until Wednesday, and any attempt to access it was kicked back with a permissions error from Windows. Either way, all traces of Z:\ disappeared this morning almost as mysteriously as it appeared.
  2. So if its not infected, where did it come from? Its not every day a new hard drive partition creates itself. Fixlog.txt
  3. So I'm sitting in class today when EIS pops up on my laptop with a notification of a new external storage device. I didn't plug anything in but I went ahead and opened up Windows Explorer to find drive Z:\ magically appearing in my drive list. I've ruled out every logical explanation except a possible malware infection. EIS and Hitman Pro (which I'm including as well) have both struck out and I'm out of options. Addition.txt FRST.txt HitmanPro_20160817_1322.log scan_160817-132403.txt
  4. Please clarify for me: is the firewall active status im seeing a false reading?
  5. Thats my point: its working and I don't have beta updates enabled
  6. Has the update come out yet? I had to carry out a reinstall for issues seprate from this problem just after 9:15 ET, and it shows the firewall is working fine. And no, beta updates aren't enabled.
  7. So, I don't know what happened, but it works correctly again. After following your directions, the next update included a patch to the file a2wsc.dll. I figured that as this was a dll file, and would probably require a service restart anyway (thereby messing up the data you needed), I would try reproducing it later. But when I tried it later, it started working again. If it starts acting up again, I'll send the logs, but for now its working perfectly.
  8. Since yesterday's update to v9.0.0.4570, EAM has required me to restart the service every time it downloads new signatures. I'm guessing that this isin't normal, and I'm sure that these hourly security lapses aren't a good idea. Any idea as to why its doing this?
  9. Alright, it had been awhile so I started wondering.
  10. Any info on that bug report? I don't mean to be pushy, but its been well over a week.
  11. There are no specific apps. Its any of them that I attempt to install in general.
  12. The free upgrade from the windows store from 8 to 8.1
  13. Before, but I had to reinstall because some components of OA didn't come through right
  14. I don't know what the problem is but at present time I cannot install any modern apps for Windows 8.1 without completely shutting down OA first. Otherwise, the Windows Store will return an installation error of 0x80070005 (Access Denied). I have no idea what to tell OA to trust to make it work. Any ideas?
  15. Good, nothing to worry about. Ok, thanks for the help.
  16. So on the 17th I updated to Windows 8.1. After the update I noticed that OA's firewall status feature/tray icon wasn't working. I opened it up and EAM throws up a surf protection alert. I went into the logs and OAui.exe was behind it. I thought I'll deal with it later, I need to install updates for Windows and then reinstall OA since its not working right. I reinstall, and then I later go into the firewall status. EAM throws up another surf protection alert, again for OAui. This has happened every time I open up the firewall status. So far EAM has blocked: 2 attempted connections to 1 attempt to 2 attempts to Each one of those IPs are listed by EAM as a "Malware host". So my questions are: Why is it doing this and how do I stop it?
  17. Ok, that other download link worked. Thanks for the help.
  18. I don't have a full link, but Internet Explorer says its coming from download4.emsisoft.com I'll try that link though
  19. I've tried downloading EEK 3 times now and the zip file appears to have an issue. Each time I try to extract it with 7-zip or with Windows, I'm told the file is invalid. Is there a problem with the file or is it my PC?
  20. Hopefully it does. I'm already irritated enough at this computer
  21. I ran it, says it found nothing.
  22. I was expecting the second one to say the same thing. The first one worries me because on my pc, it pointed to ntkrnlmp.exe as the cause, and since it was connected to the issue with OA, I thought that I would come here and ask. However both of them were giving me some weird error messages.
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