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  1. Hi, this is indeed my work computer Unfortunately the IT is away for a few days so I have to wait a little. A strange thing though is that Emsisoft does not detect anymore the rootkit. There are still traces though... Anyway. I will let you know. Thanks again for all your advices and help. Sincerely.
  2. Hi again, at last the window closed. I am going to ask the IT and let you know how things work following your instructions above. Thanks again for your help. Sincerely.
  3. First of all, thanks so much for your fast reply! I actually have an issue. I think I made a mistake. I installed combofix and thought I turned off the antivirus. But when I started combofix I had a message about the fact that symantec antivirus auto-protect was still on. I tried to turn off the software again but because I fail each time I try to do so. Then I remembered that maybe I need the IT of our group to do it. I am not sure we can 'play' with the settings actually. Anyway. In the panic, I closed the window related to combo-fix to cancel the process so I can ask the IT to do it himself. But now I have a window with 'Please wait. ComboFix is preparing to run.'. I hope I did not do something very harmful. But is there a way to close the combofix window please? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, After running Emsisoft Malware, there is a rootkit (Rootkit.Win32.ZAccess!E2) that cannot be removed automatically and requires your support please. I attached the 3 files required from the instructions. I thank you a lot for your attention and your help. Sincerely, Candide.