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  1. So is that an automatic change by Emsisoft Anti-Malware, or does the consumer have to contact Emsisoft to let them know that they need to change the screen resolution?
  2. Um, thanks for letting me know, stapp. http://support.emsis...resizer-thread/ So then, does anyone have an answer to my question...or are you all just being shy around me?
  3. Or are the people at this forum just incredibly rude?
  4. What it removed? Was it in the wrong section and was moved to another section? Also, why didn't a moderator from the Emsisoft forum contact me and explain to me what happened?
  5. I once read that Emisoft software's GUI uses a resizer when using in safe mode. Could someone tell me where I can get the resizer software and how I should use it? Also, is that download for the resizer and it's instructions in a stickey or something?
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