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  1. One last one. If the folder is added to exeptions, can the program still be blocked in firewall? (if I set the patch to "block" in firewall).
  2. It seems it helped So if any program is not working 100% with OA, I should add its folder to exeptions and it should do the trick?
  3. Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit + Service Pack 1 OA + Avira Free During playing FIFA 12 I noticed some lags while having OA on. It looks like if the fps was dropping. But the fps is the same with OA on as off (fraps - about 60fps). But the game isnt fluent. It sometimes slows down, what doesnt happen when OA is off. I added both fifa.exe + origin.exe as exeptions. Other problem is while rendering videos. I noticed the rendering takes about 20% longer with OA on. The program is also added to exeptions. Can we do anything about both? Any sugesstions? Exept these, I like the program very much. s there a solution?