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  1. Ok. Got Combo Fix to run. Here are the files after combo fix finished.
  2. I have combo fix on my desktop. I renamed it to Combo-Fix.exe before saving it. I start the program and it executes for a minute then nothing happens. I opened task manager but didn't see anything that looked like it was working in the background. Is it possible this stupid virus is stopping it's execution? It has been blocking websites and seems to know where to hide when searched for. Is there a step I missed? I shut down firewall. Turned off Spyware doctor and shut down anti-malware 5.0. I actually downloaded from both links and got the same result.
  3. Hello, Same problem different day. Have infected desktop that is running windows XP. Made the mistake of running A-squared free and using quaratine/delete before I knew what I was against. Have ran the files and attached below. I also have the log from the second run of A-squared that I can attach if you want to look at it. 1st scan showed Trojan.win32.Alureon!IK and Trojan-Downloader.java.Agent!IK 2nd scan did not show the Trojan-Downloader My system will open explorer and go to ad sites. It has blocked me from all spyware and malware updates. It will not allow any spyware or m
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