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  1. I ran Smart Scan and got a clean report. I started full scan and it only found the two files that in the Avenger folder that it had copied there.
  2. Downloaded and ran Avenger. I did not see it run after reboot, but there was a log file which I attached. BTW it looked like the cut and paste was going to have the same issue I had with the other tool where all the text was run together. I broke it into separate lines as it was in your message and it ran OK.
  3. Ran ESET which found two threats. Listed below and attach. C:\Users\jore\AppData\Local\Npupi.dat Win32/Adware.SpywareProtect2009 application C:\Users\jore\AppData\Local\umadacibi.dll Win32/Adware.SpywareProtect2009 application
  4. I had turned off McAfee but it somehow was turned on when ComboFix started. I turned it off again when I realized it was active. Should I rerun ComboFix with McAfee off? Did you learn anything from the log regarding the status of my system?
  5. Ran ComboFix and attached log. Had a error message pop up at the end of almost every process telling me Windows could not find a file named NIRKMD or something close to that. I clicked it away each time and the program appeared to run OK. I'll have to let you know later how the machine is performing.
  6. BTW, I found my files had all been set to hidden. When I reversed this, IE favorites and all C: drive files were available Objects that were on my desktop did not reappear, but I did not use this to access them, so I'm not to concerned about that.
  7. Attached RogueKiller report. Browser is: IE9 Version 9.0.8112.16421 Update Versions 9.0.6
  8. Followed your instructions and have attached Post Fix Quick Scan Log. I had to run fix twice as first time I pasted the commands they were all run together and could not be interpreted by OTL. Ran OK once I formatted as you had sent them.
  9. I had an SMART HDD infection and rab your product to clean it up. IT had one file identified as suspect ,but the message when it went to quanatine it was "file not found". When the infection started desktop went black, Exploer favorites showed empty and got lots of mesages about hard drive errors. Since cleaning the messages have stopped, but I still can not see my files. Isuspect they are still there but that the permissions got messed with and took away visibility. Since I wasn;t sure I was clean, I downloaded emergency kit and completed the task listed and have attached the results. Most i
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