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  1. Windows 7 64 retail, quad core AMD I recently started having my mouse auto clicking and double clicking and going to incorrect sites. I have been around awhile and have seen this before. No mouse problem although I used two and they are both Logitech. Anyways on a thorough roundabout of malware.keylog scanners and trojan finders one of the sources stated that this program is good for some problems. New to windows 7 so its a search for new programs on this platform. O.K. cut to the chase, installed Emi Anti -Malware and the HijackFree window will not expand. It will open in the bottom bar but will not open big enough to read. It has a red light on (if that helps). I also saw under the USER that it is installed under ASPNET, that is not my username I downloaded and installed it in. I have never used/signed in under ASPNET or tools. I deleted the full program, rebooted and installed the stand alone, still the same problem. Malware targeting this program specifically? like an idiot i installed utorrent and well you know the story, next click.... I am pretty good at finding and deleting manually but this one has got me. HELP Robert