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  1. I have performed all the cleanup steps. Thank you for your help. rodt
  2. Everything is running great. Thanks. I have attached the OTL log
  3. I have attached the Combofix log. rodt
  4. It looks like that fixed it. I can go to hotmail, other Microsoft sites, Symantec and others. Thank you very much. I have attached the OTL log. rodt
  5. Yes. I still can't browse Microsoft sites or most antivirus site. Please help. Rodt
  6. On April 10, I could not log in to my Hotmail account. I then find that i cannot browse or ping Microsoft sites. I scanned with several anti-virus/malware programs. Only Emsisoft online scanner found Torjan.win32.scar!1k. I quarantined the infection, but the problem did not go away. I went to your site and followed the instructions on running the emergency kit and OTL on April 13. I was on vacation for a week, so I waited to run them again today. The OTL did not create a new Extras.txt file, so I am attaching the file from April 13. Can you help me with this problem? Thanks.