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  1. One other item of information is that I tried to do a install hoping the program would be re-written; but it wouldn't let me do that. Here is a thumbnail of a pop-up reading it is installed. Please help.
  2. I needed to uninstall EAM and I reports it is missing. What should I do? Here is a print screen that I obtained.
  3. I just noticed some information that may be revelant. I uninstalled OA and installled Comodo Firewall. With doing this WAC reports EAM is turned on. Now I am confused!
  4. I have noticed that after an hour from login; EAM updates and is recgonized by WAC. I do wonder why OA doesn't experience this problem?
  5. I have a zbot trace on my PC that I can't get rid of. I sent it to the quarantine list and deleted it. I've done three rescan and it keeps coming up. I also did a scan with Malwarebytes and they do not detect it. I have it in the quarantine list now. Why does it come back and what can I do to get rid of it? Thanks, Freeman317
  6. Hi Christian. I don't run a virtual environment. I'm not that familiar with them! I have considered them like Vmware or Vurta Win! Does OA work in that type of invironment?
  7. I've been looking on enabling the Multi desktop support. I'm using OA Premium. When i tick the box in options I don't see anything on the GUI or my desktop. Is this function available? If so where is it located or how to I enable it?
  8. scottls1: I only have OA running as my firewall and EAM as my AV. I have used MBAM from time to time and really do like what it has to offer. I know that the red x issue is not something this is a general concern. It is just irritating to see the dumb thing pop up every time I start my pc. I do like EAM and think is one of the best on the market. I will give your protection features a try. I do need to keep my machine safe from intrusions. Thanks for your time.
  9. Well...I did get a hold of Microsoft. They have told me that it doesn't have anything to do with Action Center. The representative told me that it could possibly a confliction between the file guards with EAM and OA. So I turned off the notifications in Action Center. Guess I'm going to have to live with this as due to the fact I cannot afford to by another Security Suite. I don't know what the details of monitoring EAM myself entails. I just hope nothing goes wrong. I'm an online college student that relies heavily on my computer for my studies. I love your protection Emsisoft; but I do hope this problem can be resolved. Thank you.
  10. Well so much for that idea. OA's version update yesterday ended that! I'm headed to Miscrosoft support for this problem.
  11. Day three and the work through is working fine. I believe that it is solved on my machine.
  12. On your picture upload number one, click on change settings (at the top) then click add another program (at the bottom). You should be able to scroll and find EAM and EAM guard. Check the two boxes on the left of the window and the whatever your prefferences that apply on the right boxes.
  13. I tried something the other day! I went to Windows Firewall and allowed EAM and OA through Windows Firewall. So far no red X. Maybe someone could try this and see if it works for them. I did turn OA off before I did this and turned in back on when I finished!
  14. Well...months have gone by since I bought EISP and no updates about the angry red X. It is still showing up. I have tested this problems when installing Comodo firewall and EAM. The red X doesn't show up. Does anyone have any new information about this problem?
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