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  1. Is there any helpful tips on what and how to set OA Properly and what to look for novices? When I look at all the colors in the firewall setting.. grays, light greens, purple color. status setting. Do I need to review each one ? I see some redundant programs. What about the program tab, some are tan in color and some are gray. Oh, and I see one program in the Anti Logger tab. Should I do a total uninstall and start fresh or can I just delete all the settings/programs I haven't look at any of the settings in a long time on which programs are allowed or blocked. What part of OA is the most important to set for protection ? So much info, So little time Thanks in advance... Tony
  2. OA long time user First, I read the post about the mouse being jerky and I had a scrolling problem. I had to reboot and the problem went away. I have no idea if this was caused by a recent update for OA. Just wanted to confirm the same problem. Now, I just noticed something in the OA "Active Connections" window. I really don't look at my OA settings that much but decided to look at my active connections this morning. Just looking for any unusually connections. I found a lot of "close_wait" and I did a search on the problem for *win7 64bit" I need somebody at QA to confirm that would solve this problem. If you have time Here's what a the post said.. I was experiencing the almost exact same thing on a number of boxes with Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 with SP1, mostly with CLOSE_WAIT (which is somewhat different than TIME_WAIT). I bumped into this answer which referenced a KB at Microsoft and a hotfix if the servers were running behind a load balancer (which mine are). After installing the hotfix and rebooting, all of the CLOSE_WAIT stuff was resolved. And finally, I really like the "Active Connections" window. Can you tweak the window a little so I can click on the "remote address" and group all the "like" connections together. I would appreciate any window dressing for that screen. Thanks for listening and Thanks for any help you can give me. QA