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  1. all is installed but i need a new unlock key . I have 289 days left when checking lience it says show key change key tries to verafy but will not unlock . and i can't change it and it then puts me on the 30 day trial please don't ask for picture it appears i need a new key please help
  2. it says click update now to remove older version only made it 40 percent and it said error. .So right away i started again so it looked like it was done then it old me to reboot puter i did then it removed it and then installed it no problem .
  3. So are you saying that windows 7 firewall with antimalware is not safe enough if not could you recomend some alternate firewalls please
  4. Please help me every thread at the bottum of every thread is my avatar and a blank post box i even went to threads i never posted now i posted this and today it is not there but when i posted it right away there was under the post my avatar and the blank post box
  5. I have purchased a new puter i hand picked all the parts each being the top of there line. Ok what i want to know is there more problems i should expect as this puter will be junked . So can i switch anti malware to new puter. and it is windows 7 64 bit . thanks guys.
  6. Hello i have the same problem when i shut down. It doesnot shutdown but if you shut down. It won't go back to start and do another shutdown it will shutdown. I have to shutdown 2 times for it to work.
  7. also if you want to go to anyware when the pop up comes up hit the green check mark
  8. don't worrie about traces i have the same as you if they were infections they would be taken out by the scan they won't harm you
  9. Had bit of trouble myself .I am afraid the only thing that fixed it was go to add and remove it. Then go to program files it will still have it delete it.Then install it again. B)
  10. now i have ver 14 after i went back to 10 do i have to remove antimalware from add and remove and reinstall ver 10 being the last version that scanned my cookies.
  11. I regret saying that to u Fabian Wosar i am very sorry it was a bad day i had just found out that i have some kind of cancer . I was in a mood i don't know how to put it in words. Still they donnot know exactly what kind it is my hope is to have where and what kind cut out of me.So with that said i guess i was in severe shock and disbeliefe. So again Fabian Wosar i am very sorry i said that to you.
  12. I am not leaving but i do get rid of my cookies and i did this maby 6 times in one day i am sorry but that feature i used alot
  13. Lynx you were right v5.1.0.10 does scan the cookies. Also if you Fabian Wosar do take scanning cookies out of the rest of versions you are retarded.That is where the malware most malware comes from so ya i am complaning. I will need a cheque for 50 dollers. If you continue this change as it was not what i paid for and for the record because it wouldnot scan cookies i got 4 trogens.
  14. yes i am useing v5.1.013 how do i get the v5.1.0.10 custom does not work either i need this version now v5.1.0.10 v5.1.013 is problamatic at best .
  15. MY Anti- Malware JUST STOPPED SCANNING COOKIES.I tried useing quick scan it only does memorey and traces not cookies.Ihave tried everyscan we have smart scan and deep scan all 3 they all donot scan cookies tracking cookies i need to remove i have 400 and something days left on my subscription. I also went through every setting it just won't scan cookies. I do have the latest version.Also please don't ask me to give you a screen pic everything looks good except I tried useing quick scan it only does memorey and traces not cookies. this is a example as i said earlier none on the scan are scanning cookies. It says 0 cookies scanned.
  16. well thanks everyone seeing the free version i see i have the full lience all is well again thank you for clearing that up for me
  17. Lynx i am confused you see how it is version are you saying this is what i should have on security statis. Just 2 days ago it updated all the rest of freeware version.So what is the full lience version as that is what i want to know.As i am not sure just because the full version is highlighted that works right . I trippled checked and clearly this is free version lynx5.1.0.4 lynx my main lience is for 2 years i don't have to renewed to july 2012 i have paid for 2 years i dinot like online armer so they added another year to the antimalware and it has not even been 1 year yet. OS is XP i believe real time does work but i will know when i watch a update.You asked. If it is the "number of days" (600), as you are saying, what makes you think that it is “free”?. No that is the number of days left on subscription i think it is 586 days now left i paid for them. Yes i just had a update said update successful real time protection.
  18. sorry about that here you go lynx i am good to 2012 sometime
  19. Look the only thing different is on security statis page has the free version. AS far as lience it says full version 600 days i refreshed and it still said full version is there away to get the exe for latest paid version. Further more putting the free with the paid was a mistake on you guys. No i have only posted the problem and pmed you .
  20. Cannot get full version. Free ver is all i have tried refreshing lience but no go stuck on ver this is the free version i have over 600 days left on the fullversion how will this be fixed. Now i could see the they october 17 update but i can't download it.Also it just happened by it's self cann't tell exactly when i use auto update . So is the version when i go to security statis. i Can see . that is all the rest of the page is normal. I have refreshed lience still no go Help
  21. Just me are you cancelling the internet if not your account should remain active.
  22. So are you saying to uncheck those option or to keep them on i have most all checked it gets alot of stuff that does not even get it cause it was blocked.With all this talk it is confussing.
  23. I have firefox as well i never had to allow anything infact i test for them. If i saw this 1. Spyware like activity - 'Allow' 2. Backdoor like activity - 'Allow' now that could be missunderstood but everyone knows not to allow them anyways B) Why does this always happen i just replied then this Currently hiding posts below points. Change threshold?
  24. DID you reboot your computer and it still said that i have had that.I went to add and remove shut down the program before going there removed it went to c/program files deleted it from there.Then i reinstalled and that fixed the problem.
  25. lynx see the 1, 2, 3, in this post they are exactly what it said you have to understand that my brother died i was very upset i guess i didnot mean to insult i am sorry.Oh ya it freezes when there is a major 1 problem so i can.t take a pic at all have to do a hardreboot everytime it happens i see we got a new version 5.0071 maby it will be ok ok in the next part is the 1,2,3.yesterday i wake up come to computer turn on it says guard exe cannot connect to internet.2 Today major problem cannot find applacation. 1 MORE thing i have unintalled even downloaded a fresh version and restarted puter still it does this 3 Cannot find service that is what it said exactly only it is and yes it did work for 3 days then the problems start. i will remove the sig
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