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  1. Good morning, yep done that - hope it continues to go well. Cheers.
  2. Ok all done & my computer is purring again - will be downloading the new EEK 2 Free cleaner & renewing. Thanks so much for all your patient help R500.
  3. Hi, thanks for that - we have liftoff - at last they have gone. Should I leave the Avenger files containing the adobes on the C drive or delete them all now?. Surely shouldnt want the backup either. Can you tell me would the new EEK 2 Free Cleaner be able to remove stubborn ActiveX like the Avenger? Thank you so much for all your help
  4. Good afternoon, Tried the instructions again this pm & it worked this time, altho did not delete the files. Should I try the whole path of the files as above pse? Full path is D:\Program Files\Common Files\adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX + 3 dlls. I will attach the log below so you can see the report. Many thanks
  5. Hi again. Managed to download the Avenger after shutting down for a while & restarting. No luck tho - went thru it twice & have got Avenger file but is empty & the old adobe is still there. After 'execute' I only got one box to press yes to, not two. I did not give you the full path of these old files, would that be the cause of its not working? Full path is D:\Program Files\Common Files\adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX + 3 dlls. Regards
  6. Yes, the path is exactly that as you say. However I have been unable to download the Avenger. Tried pausing Emsi protection & firewall - but will not let me download it! Pls advise
  7. Good afternoon, I have run the diskcheck on Drive D but still would not delete. Just to make sure, I then uncompressed the files on D, restarted & run dskchk for 2nd time - but will not delete. Path is "adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX\" then 3 dll files. By the way I have tried to change the 3 dlls - from .dll to .old but still tells me access denied. Regards
  8. Good afternoon, I have completed the following as per your instructions above : 1. Java - ok 4. Windows Updates - uptodate - I get auto updates 5. WOT - seems a good one & have installed, thanks for that 6. System Restore - ok 2 . Have deleted most of Adobe & also run search for any stragglers & deleted. However, there is an old version of 'adobe' (containing activex) I found on my old disc D, dated 2004, which I cannot remove at all. Have tried removing 'read-only' settings but keeps telling me access denied and/or being used when no other progs were open. Is not showing on add/remove programs. Is there any way you know that I can delete this old Adobe before I re-install please? I am sure that may have added to my probs? 3. I will reinstall Flash Player when, hopefully, have cleared all Adobe. Grateful for your advice pls? Many thanks
  9. Good morning, good news I have managed to get the VLC to work. After tweaking it then gave me the above message again (red & black) several times. It then told me it had crashed & to send report which I did. When I restarted it, was good as gold & played a DVD & CD as good as ever.. Suppose that means my drive E is OK, tho it used to play cd straight away when I put it in but it doesnt now. I suppose that's because I have the players. Will get rid of the WMP. (Still reckon Microsoft causes a lot of probs). My computer seems fine now & is purring away, everything seems to be back to normal thank goodness. Most things are all working again OK. Cheers & thanks a lot for your patient help from a grateful OAP.
  10. Good morning, I do have probs with my CD drive, it will not play CD or DVD. I have only one CD Drive which on my comp is Drive E. Have recently uninstalled & reinstalled WMP, so am pretty sure it is V.11. Would the fact that I removed Silverlight & iTunes have any effect, ie would those programs remove other necessary 'stuff'. The VLC gave me the exact message below (including the red print) : "Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///E:/'. Check the log for details." Have downloaded SMPlayer but not having much luck with that either, looks rather complicated tho.
  11. Good eve, Yes WMP tells me CD is playing but no sound comes out. Have uninstalled & reinstalled WMP. This is the message WMP gives - "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file." Have uninstalled a while ago iTunes - CDs were playable in that but thought it might have interfered with WMP & took up too much room. I have also uninstalled Microsoft silverlight this week as had pages & pages of MS logs about it - couldnt find out what I needed this program for, & had never used it, so I uninstalled it as it seemed to be causing probs. Have just downloaded the VLC Media Player, looks good but this is the message when I tried to play CD : "Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'cdda:///E:/'. Check the log for details." I could not find a log on this program ?
  12. Good morning, follow-up on last post. I didnt UNinstall the old audio driver as comp told me Dell driver folder could not be found & you also could not find it. However, I did find it after I had downloaded the new one & deleted it. Old driver was directly in Dell folder & not where it should have been (did check the number & date 1st). Good news, system sounds etc are now working fine - Thanks very much for that link . I had previously several times checked through every device in Device Manager & it said all were working OK Still cannot play CD/DVD - whatever had gotten into my machine sure did a good job of messing it up!! Getting there tho & much, much better. Cheers!
  13. Good morning. When I tried to download the Dell driver - was told the Dell Drivers folder could not be located? Another thing gone on the missing - It asked me if I would like to download the folder & have done so. Many thanks for that. Unfortunately tho, this has not cured my sound probs. Have a nice day
  14. Good morning, had lots of downloads from Microsoft, pages & pages in last couple of days - seems Silverlight may have been causing probs too. Now running quite smooth. My Computer is Dell - Dimension 4700 (Tag <removed by moderator>). Operating System = MS Windows XP Home Edition SP3. Let me know if u need more info, many thanks
  15. Hiya, at your request I have deleted the rule & run the Deep Scan and again, as it has done since the beginning of all this, Emsi has detected no threats on this morning's scan (which took hours). You will remember, the scan showed no threats all along on the Scan Log, but on the Guard log it showed the IE4 file as 'being monitored'. It is not showing as being monitored now, but as I deleted the rule what would it go by? Someone must have made that rule in the first place, so surely if we delete it it is of not much use & why was it being monitored? Emsi showed no threats on the scan even before I ran your third party fixes & they found items & deleted.. I would add that I do regularly clear out temp files etc & run security scans. I am certain that Microsoft have something to do with all this as they seem to be updating forever! My sound is still bad but I am learning to live with it as cannot find a cure whatever I do. Kind regards