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  1. Hello again. I Uninstalled previous ComboFix. Re-installed and ran. Here's the log file. Is it safe to now delete the items in quarantine? Thanks again.
  2. I just downloaded Combo-Fix end of April to fix another trojan , to my desktop... I tried a "save as: to desktop and then the option to overwrite it but it wouldnt let me. I am not sure it is safe to delete off desktop. How should I proceed?
  3. Hello! Currently in Quarantine in your Anti-Malware program are 2 source's of Malware.Win32.AMN!E1. I was only able to quarantine them but not delete until yesterday's update. I am worried that a delete will not be enough. Could you please tell me how to proceed. The required tests were run with Emergency Kit and OTL and are attached. THANKS!!!!