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  1. Alejandro

    Auto-silent mode

    Thanks, understood.
  2. Alejandro

    Auto-silent mode

    Hello; my log is showing a number of "Auto-Silent mode disabled" and enabled alternatively; is it normal?
  3. Sorry, I changed my mind.
  4. I think the same issue happens on Windows 64 bits also: 2 instances of Emsisoft protection service "suspended", network disconnected and Windows frozen.
  5. Alejandro

    Pause doesn't pause

    I think now it could be both of them, unpacking a zip (or 7zip more probably), and an intensive process running at the same time. I wanted to pause the scan because of this other process was taking most of CPU cycles. Well, I am sorry I can´t reproduce the case, but I think now it was a reasonable behaviour. Many thanks for your time and dedication. Alejandro
  6. Alejandro

    Pause doesn't pause

    Thank you GT500 for your response. In the image below is an image with the options I used. Disk C is an SSD unit; D and F are spinning disks. Well, the problem occurred once yesterday, but now I cannot reproduce it; I made several tests and Pause now do pause as expected. Sorry I do not understand what could be the difference, perhaps yesterday there was some other process running concurrently.
  7. Alejandro

    Pause doesn't pause

    Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2017.12.1.8340 - OS: Windows 10 (Version 1709, Build 16299.192 64-bit Edition) While running a custom scan I clicked on "Pause" button; the button's caption became "Resume", but the scanner didn't pause.
  8. Alejandro

    CLOSED VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ

    I couldn't say. I am on Windows 10 1703, and the update that failed was an upgrade to Windows 10 1709. Now this update is not proposed, nor anything else, after clicking "check for updates" button. I tried with "Windows 10 Update Assistant" but it fails again and revert to 1703.
  9. Alejandro

    CLOSED VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ

    Hello Kevin; After running Repair_Windows.exe, Settings >> Update History is completely empty. Is this OK?
  10. Alejandro

    CLOSED VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ

    Many thanks Kevin. I Couldn't update Windows because something goes wrong during the process (in the second restart). I hope this is not related to virus. I'll keep trying. Well, thanks again.
  11. Alejandro

    CLOSED VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ

    Here they are: FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. Alejandro

    CLOSED VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ

    Thank you Kevin; This is the requested log file (Fixlog.txt): Fixlog.txt
  13. Alejandro

    CLOSED VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ

    Hello, I am sending the logs files you request. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171018-145145.txt
  14. Hello; I run EAM on my USB flash drive, and three objects were quarantined, with message: E:\xxx.vbs Quarantined: VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ (B) E:\R_CDF_MDE.lnk Quarantined: Generic.WormVBS.LNKC.CA2DE534 (B) E:\Services Custombit.lnk Quarantined: Generic.WormVBS.LNKC.ABDAAF75 (B) There is something more I can do apart of delete them? Should I format the drive? Should I run some additional test? Mhhh ... fear
  15. Alejandro

    Not updated

    Hello; The same for me in Argentina: [EDIT] Well, it is solved now. If you like I can send you the logs.