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  1. Hello; my log is showing a number of "Auto-Silent mode disabled" and enabled alternatively; is it normal?
  2. I think the same issue happens on Windows 64 bits also: 2 instances of Emsisoft protection service "suspended", network disconnected and Windows frozen.
  3. I think now it could be both of them, unpacking a zip (or 7zip more probably), and an intensive process running at the same time. I wanted to pause the scan because of this other process was taking most of CPU cycles. Well, I am sorry I can´t reproduce the case, but I think now it was a reasonable behaviour. Many thanks for your time and dedication. Alejandro
  4. Thank you GT500 for your response. In the image below is an image with the options I used. Disk C is an SSD unit; D and F are spinning disks. Well, the problem occurred once yesterday, but now I cannot reproduce it; I made several tests and Pause now do pause as expected. Sorry I do not understand what could be the difference, perhaps yesterday there was some other process running concurrently.
  5. Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2017.12.1.8340 - OS: Windows 10 (Version 1709, Build 16299.192 64-bit Edition) While running a custom scan I clicked on "Pause" button; the button's caption became "Resume", but the scanner didn't pause.
  6. I couldn't say. I am on Windows 10 1703, and the update that failed was an upgrade to Windows 10 1709. Now this update is not proposed, nor anything else, after clicking "check for updates" button. I tried with "Windows 10 Update Assistant" but it fails again and revert to 1703.
  7. Hello Kevin; After running Repair_Windows.exe, Settings >> Update History is completely empty. Is this OK?
  8. Many thanks Kevin. I Couldn't update Windows because something goes wrong during the process (in the second restart). I hope this is not related to virus. I'll keep trying. Well, thanks again.
  9. Thank you Kevin; This is the requested log file (Fixlog.txt): Fixlog.txt
  10. Hello, I am sending the logs files you request. Thanks. FRST.txt Addition.txt scan_171018-145145.txt
  11. Hello; I run EAM on my USB flash drive, and three objects were quarantined, with message: E:\xxx.vbs Quarantined: VB:Trojan.Agent.CMIZ (B) E:\R_CDF_MDE.lnk Quarantined: Generic.WormVBS.LNKC.CA2DE534 (B) E:\Services Custombit.lnk Quarantined: Generic.WormVBS.LNKC.ABDAAF75 (B) There is something more I can do apart of delete them? Should I format the drive? Should I run some additional test? Mhhh ... fear
  12. Hello; The same for me in Argentina: [EDIT] Well, it is solved now. If you like I can send you the logs.
  13. Hello; I was curious about testing LeakTest (https://www.grc.com/lt/leaktest.htm) with Emsisoft Internet Security, and LeakTest successfully passed it. May I have some kind of reassuring explanation? Thanks!
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