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  1. Svchost is your internet connection, if you end it you must reboot for your computer to work again.

    Services.exe is a part of your computer.

    DLLHOST.exe runs your dll's (IMPORTANT AS HECK)

    services.exe has a chance of getting infected by certain rootkits, but it's needed.

    I only want to block access to internet, not blocking it from running. :D


    If you're not sure, why do you answer the question?


    I suggest reading this; http://onlinearmorpe...ractices-1.html

    Thanks, I'll read the guide.

  2. OA Free, in its default setup automatically allows trusted files to access the internet. And of course, to improve my security I set it to ask. But I already noticed rules about these .exe files(dllhost.exe, services.exe, taskhost.exe, and wininit.exe) in the Firewall tab(OA created them in learning mode). My question is that can I block these files from accessing the internet without crippling Windows? (By crippling, I meant that if it's necessary for Windows to work properly, example svchost.exe is needed for Windows Update, something like that)

  3. I've read this in the known issues

    "Running an application as "run safer" with the green border indicator enabled on Windows Vista and later will disable Aero for that application"

    I am running Windows 7 x64. What is happening to me when using run safer is that no green border indicator in shown. I turned off aero and make sure that the Show border is checked. Any ideas?EDIT: I tried it in my admin account and run safer worked properly. In my standard user account, it didn't work.

  4. I just did a quick scan with Malaware.

    1.) Online Armor did not know it. lol. (just want to report it)

    2.) During scan, it try to create an executable

    Created: 04/05/12 19:01:48

    Summary: Program Guard: malaware.exe -> ProxyX64Process_18467.exe

    Description: C:\Users\Standard User\Desktop\malaware.exe wants to create executable file C:\Users\POL DASMA\AppData\Local\Temp\ProxyX64Process_18467.exe

    Event type: Suspicious file(13)

    Event action: Blocked(3)

    Is it normal? I found it weird so I blocked it.

  5. Hello, I recently installed Online Armor Free. So far so good, but I've noticed one thing in the History

    Created: 03/05/12 17:17:19

    Summary: Program Guard: kernel event

    Description: OADriver: OB_OPERATION_HANDLE_CREATE, 1480 -> 2720, Mask: 1F1FFF - 1F1414

    Event type: Kernel event(26)

    Event action: None(1)


    PID: 1480 Name: SuRun.exe

    PID: 2720 Name: oaui.exe

    SuRun is a program that let's a Standard User Account have increased usability (For example, having programs automatically run elevated)

    I've already included all exe of Online Armor to SuRun.

    My guess is that it's normal, but would it affect performance? (For example if it's continuously blocking the attempt/(I really don't know what is happening)

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