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  1. Thanks for your help GT500! My PC seems to be running just fine, if not perfectly Best wishes and I really appreciate what you guys are doing here. TheDon
  2. Hi GT500, the scan detected 1 single minor threat, a registry file. I attached the log so you can have a look at it.
  3. Hey GT500, sorry it took me a little longer... Vacation weekend. For some reason, and I have no clue why, my PC is running just fine since the last 2-3 days. The browser speed is back to normal, it does not freeze when loading the desktop etc. A miracle?! However, here are the logs. I'm pretty tensed to see, if you find anything in them. Best wishes, TheDon.
  4. Unfortunately there are no such files. Also when I turn on my PC now and the screen "Loading windows settings" appears, before you get to the login screen and then the desktop, the "Loading widnows settings" screen freezes.
  5. Hi GT500, I downloaded the anti-malware scanner and updated it. When I start the scannning process and the scaner says "scanning for root kits" the PC crashed and gives me a blue screen, saying that the shutdown was a security measurement intiated by my physical disc space. Anything you can say about that. Besides that my computer seems to work pretty good and the browser speed seems to be fine as well. Hope this descriptions help you in any way, much thanks.
  6. Hey GT500, so my Browser works way faster now, although still not as fast as it did before the whole malware stuff I tend to say. But maybe I'm mistaken there. I attached the log maybe you sitll find something
  7. Hey GT500, it's good that you start talking about the browser thing, because after the latest combofix script it became insanely slow! my browser is mozilla/firefox version 12.0 Also after I ran OTL it only gave me the otl.txt and no extras.txt whatsoever! Any ideas about that? Regards ; )
  8. Wow I'm sorry GT500... Really keeping you busy : / I attached the new log. Besides I still have the feeling that my browser is working slower than it used to before the malware. But maybe I just feel like that because I now know that my PC was infected... Muchos gracias once again though!
  9. Hey GT500, thanks again. After running combofix I tried to login on a couple of websites and I did not get any confirmation request etc. yet. Still I attached the log so you can check it again. Best regards!
  10. Thanks a lot GT500. Here is the log you requested. FYI: When I first clicked the "more options button" next to the reply button the confirmation popup came up again.
  11. Hey guys, my post pretty much has the same content as phil0sophy's had earlier ( I wasn't quite sure if I should start a new thread or comment on phil0sophy's. If I chose the wrong option I'd like to excuse myself in advance! So as the topic already says, when I start the eBay, Amazon or my online banking website, I occasionally get asked for a confirmation of my security or account details. Of course I did not fill in anything whatsoever, but I guess that's something I should take care of right ? Thanks a lot in advance and you guys cannot be appreciated enough for what you're doing here!