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  1. I can't attach the ISeeYou file; can I email it?
  2. Here is the ISeeYou file: For some reason, I cannot attach the txt. file.
  3. Below is the ASquared file. I will attach the other 2 in a separate post since I'm having problems attaching all 3 in this one post. Thanks again, Breezie
  4. Hello, For 21 hours I have tried to kill this one particular virus, and I cannot do it. Whenever I go to GOOGLE to search (I used Netscape & MozillaFireFox only), instead of going to the correct website, I am taken to another one. They are not porn or crass sites, but generally 'search' sites. I have run: A-Squared, AVG, HiJack This, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Malware Bytes, CCleaner, Ad-Aware, Glary Utilites, Reg-Cure, Dr.Webb, SuperAntiSpyware, Microsoft Fixit, Spyware Blaster, Panda Online Scan(stalled 3 times at 11%), Tru-Sword, Remove Vundo, and Spyware Doctor. Some I have run
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