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  1. Thanks so much for all your help! It has been so frustrating to know something is on your computer and you're not able to get rid of it. So glad there are forums like this and people like you to contact for help. So again, thank you and my computer is like new. I'm a very happy person right now
  2. I just realised I didn't check Norman's quarantine after running ComboFix because it didn't give a warning. But I just checked it to be sure and there is a file there now called: Av-test.txt (EICAR_Test_file_not_a_virus!) Is that really as innocent as it sounds or am I just getting paranoid?
  3. Okay, I'm going to sound like such a clueless girl right now but here goes.... I had trouble disabling Norman Security Suite. Norman wasn't mentioned in the link you attached so I did an internet search and could only find one option which stated I should right click on the Norman icon in the taskbar and choose disable security in the menu. But......no menu appeared when I did this. So I opened Norman itself and used the Help function. No 'help' there either. I went through the menu's and disabled the Firewall and Virusprotection options. Norman gave a warning telling me that my computer was
  4. I just did everything you told me to do. First time I ran OTL.exe it got stuck half way thru and I got a message stating OTL stopped working and I could look for a solution on the internet or close the program. I closed OTL, rebooted and tried again. This time it ran without problems. I have attached the log. I just checked internet and everything seems to work as good as new. I did a few searches on Amazon and Ebay and no popups appeared. I also went back and forth between several sites and checked Amazon again. No popups. And internet is as fast as before. Does this mean I'm clean?
  5. Since a few days I have had several suspicious popups regarding identification from amazon, ebay and paypal even when I was not visiting their websites. At first I thought it was just another phishing attempt so I refreshed my browser and was able to continue with the internet. But now internet just gets slower with each day. I have run several virus scans, but the popups still continue. After googling I discovered this forum and read the instruction and created all the logs you need. Can you please help me? Thank you!
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