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  1. In Portuguese language this happens:
  2. Today I received this message: Weird because I'm the one who use this key. I was on Emsisoft Customer Center and see this: My computer is called PTUP he is not there, so I thought that someone be using my license. I liked to help me solve the problem. Thank you
  3. The Emsisoft Anti-Malware already has the Portuguese version, when the Online Armor to contain?
  4. EIS Final Tester!

  5. EIS Final Tester!

  6. Resume of the test:
  7. Number of my Malware signatures is 10.457.154.
  8. I tested the detection rate of the beta version of EAM. Its detection rate was 36.4%.
  9. Problem by BD Engine

    I just sent the files to the Emsisoft. Thanks Pars
  10. Problem by BD Engine

    False positives can not be. I check in VirusTotal 3 files undetected by EAM 7: https://www.virustot...8c0e8/analysis/ https://www.virustot...bfc90/analysis/ https://www.virustot...ae22e/analysis/
  11. Problem by BD Engine

    But detection remains low compared with version 6. PS: In version 6 the 24 detects harmful files.
  12. Problem by BD Engine

    bdcore.dll: (111kb): avxdisk.dll: (55kb): a2engine.dll: (982kb):