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  1. Kaspersky and Bitdefender are 2 AVs with Minimum FP.

    I see that "punheta mp4.exe" and "best flash games.exe" do not detect by them but "Adele BAIXE AQUI! É GRÁTIS - Não Você Remember.mp4.exe.exe" detected by BD too.

    To ensure, quarantine them and send them for analysis team

    I just sent the files to the Emsisoft.

    Thanks Pars ;)

  2. Hi ptup,

    I guess you are running a Chromium based browser inside Sandboxie? Assuming I'm understanding your problem correctly, it sounds the same as this known issue http://support.emsis...dpost__p__31545

    That referred to an older version of OA but there have been a few reports of people that continue to experience the problem despite the fix.

    Other information that may be of importance to provide in your thread is also listed in the Information to include in your support requests topic. :)

    Thanks, now I use other software from the sandbox and it works. :D

  3. Make sure OA is checked in software compatibility in SBIE, also Chrome is trusted in OA.

    Noticed in your signature your using Comodo firewall, I hope not with OA at the same time as that would cause lots of problems.

    I already did that but continued with the same problem. I now only use the Online Armor does not Comodo Firewall.

    Thank you :)

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