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  1. Lynx, As test I switched off this feature of scan files when they are created or modified, and performance is much better now, so don't know why it slow down that much my laptop. Is this feature important to keep it ON ? thanks, Vanderlei
  2. Lynx, thanks again for info, and sorry for delay as I was on vacation.... one full day !!!! File Guarder, Behavior Block and Surf Protection are ON, and I have the icon on sysTray. I found that on File Guard there is an option selected, which is "Additionally scan all files when they are created or modified" so maybe this is slowing down the eudora program, as every time I send a message to trash, or move it, Eudora change that specific file, but shouldn't be too slow like it's now. As for the License, there are two options: 30 day trial, and Freeware License, and the 30 days option is the one selected, which is still valid. regards,
  3. Hi, sorry for not sending all info. 1. it's a Windows XP professional Version 2002, Service pack 3, 1.6GHz clock 2. have an Avast 5.0.545 anti-virus that is installed but not running now, plus a running firewall ZoneAlarm, and then have installed but run only on-demand both a Malwarebytes and Spybooth Search & Destroy 3. I firstly installed a 3-day free-version and then tried during like 3 days (always got no response from server after do the registration) to register and upgrade it to the 30-days version, as to test and see if would be a good option to use, and it's the one I'm using now here 4. so, the version I'm using is the 30-days with registration, and then means it's really running or this version is only on-demand, because if it's the latest then I've been using my machine without any protection since like one week ago...... but always that I visit a web site that has some calls to another address then the anti-malware detects this trial and block it, so seems it's running..... thanks, Vanderlei
  4. Hi, I installed the free anti-malware few days ago, as to test it, and after that I noted that while mostly using old good Eudora 7.1 e-mail program it got slower than before, and this means that either while moving some message from In Box to Trash or any other box, or depending also while sending a message Windows switch from Eudora to the next opened program I have, like Opera. Seems this free anti-malware version catchs a lot of things that previous Avast wasn't catching, but this problem is strange for me. I have the Zonealarm free firewall installed, and Avast is still installed but not on, so basically my protection today is the free emsisoft anti-malware and zonealarm firewall only running on machine. my machine is a Centrino running at 1.8GHz, with 2GB of RAM, so even not the best machine but used to be much faster than after installing your program. Any ideas why this happens ??? maybe a specific setup of program ? conflicts with other programs ? Also, can I run emsisoft free anti-malware together with Avast and Spyboot Search & destroy, or would cause conflicts ?? thanks, Vanderlei