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  1. Alas... I ended up uninstalling Online Armor when I had my hard drive crash because I thought Online Armor debug mode was causing my computer to be slow. After I unplugged the dead hard drive, I tried reinstalling Online Armor but I'm unable to reproduce the slow shutdown bug with the new installation. Online Armor is working well again. If I see a problem again I will try the Debug option and let you know.
  2. Sorry, as soon as I turned on Debug mode and restarted, one of my hard disks suddenly died (the computer was slow and practically unusable with the disk plugged in) so I haven't been able to get the info yet... I think this was just a coincidence.
  3. I do not have any other security software. MBAM is not registered and I only use it as a standalone tool, not for real-time monitoring. It was actually 41 days out of date until I just ran it.
  4. Hi, I am using Online Armor Free edition on Windows 7 x64. My computer takes a very long time to shut down (over 4 minutes). I think the problem is due to Online Armor for two reasons: 1. If I right-click on Online Armor and choose "Close and Shutdown Online Armor", then Windows is able to shut down within seconds. 2. I followed the guide here and determined the following: User and system sessions take about 8 seconds to shut down. The remainder, about 236 seconds is due to kernel services shutting down: <timing servicesShutdownDuration="5007" shutdownTime="244722"> <perSessionInfo> +<sessionShutdown duration="3035" endTime="3181" startTime="146" sessionID="1"> +<sessionShutdown duration="5007" endTime="8782" startTime="3775" sessionID="0"> SvcOnlineArmor is deemed to be unresponsive: <unresponsiveServices numUnresponsiveServices="1"> <unresponsiveService name="SvcOnlineArmor"/> </unresponsiveServices> It looks like SvcOnlineArmor / oasrv.exe never finishes (endedAt = -1): <serviceTransition name="SvcOnlineArmor" endedAt="-1" firstCheckpointedAt="3803" startedAt="3803" container="oasrv.exe (1684)" processingTimeDelta="9223372033051" firstCheckpointTimeDelta="0" totalTransitionTimeDelta="9223372033051" transition="stop" group=""/>