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  1. Hi, sorry for the long silence, it seems the issue is solved now. I could not verify, if this is due to an update in Online Armor or due to an update in the Database .NET application. However, as of version OA and Database .NET v7.0 there are no glitches in starting and operating this piece of software anymore. Thank you for your time in trying to help me out.
  2. Hi, the Program Guard and HIPS features were disabled, when I tried to run this - just wanted to be sure there. So adding it to the list shouldn't make a difference there, should it ? - I tried it anyways now, but still no success. Is there any hint in the logs, that there is some unusual behaviour from Online Armor in this ? - I mean, I'm still not entirely sure, that the firewall is the actual culprit here, but it's my best guess, since two separate physical machines and a virtual machine in one of these won't run Database .NET on a x64 Win7, when Online Armor is installed. And one of the
  3. hi andrewf, I sent you a copy of my latest PM to GT500.
  4. I created new logs and sent links by PM to GT500
  5. PM to GT500 sent, link for logs there...thank you for your time
  6. I already did that. Sorry for not including it in the descriptions above. I tried to run the software in 3. and 4. as listed above before and after reboot, yet no difference observed.
  7. Hi again, sorry for the long delay of this answer. @GT500: Thank you for your advice. I followed your instructions, but I still could not get the software to run. I did some testings on my own afterwards and I experienced the following: 1. Database .NET does run on a clean install of Win x64. 2. It cannot be run at all with Online Armor v5.0 or higher installed - don't know about earlier versions though. The program appears in the task list for a while and then terminates with Windows error reporting tool popping up. 3. Adding the containing folder of Database .NET and its working path
  8. Hi, i've been trying to run Database .NET in its previous versions 6.4.4511, can be downloaded here: http://fishcodelib.com/Database.htm, on a T520 Lenovo notebook with Win 7 Pro x64, running Online Armor v5.5.0.1557 and ESET NOD v5.0.95.0. It would show the splash screen of the program, but then terminate with an error message. Please see my email communication with the developer below, who suggested asking the support here for a suggestion. (at the time of that email Let it be said, that in the meantime I was able to run Database .NET with the same version of Online Armor and ESET NOD on
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