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  1. Ah, thanks for the Quick response Fabian. If Emsisoft uses ADS in a normal scan then I might as well use it that way. I need to school myself in dos I think, as I've been developing a desire to know my computer inside and out, (They do have a knack of becoming rather enigmatic at times), and I find myself wondering things like, "Why is it accessing the web right now.", and, "Why is the hard drive accessing when the system is otherwise idle.", I know Windows does a lot in the background and fairly routinely accesses the web, but I want to know what and why. Is there any advantage to using command line scans; anything that might not be done in a normal scan?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to use the command line scanner, but my dos prompt always has an arrow after c:\ and any line I enter keeps returning the message "'program' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file. This is whether I write it as 'Program Files' or 'program files', with or without '(x86)'. I'm admittedly a neophyte with dos but I use it for a few things and I really want to scan for ADS. What is the correct way to start this in Windows 7 64 bit, no commands that I've tried have worked and I've tried what was listed on the command line scanner info on the Emsisoft site, I also tried what was listed in the a2cmd readme but I don't understand the square bracket stuff and like I said I can't even get dos to recognize program files. What can I do?
  3. Hey Lynx, as it stands at the moment, I am not being asked to re-start the program after a manual download. Perhaps that "protect pc even" setting was bugging out on my system. Sorry about the suspicion comment, I've just been reading about how malignant and sneaky malware is these days and how it corrupts the programs we use to protect ourselves and how there seems to be absolutely no way to know if your computer is truly safe and it bugs me, that's all. I know Antimalware has the best detection rates, that's why I subscribed to it. regards
  4. Hi Lynx, essentially all I am saying is that when starting my pc today, Antimalware appeared to download updates, without any message popup appearing afterwards, then a very short time later,(seemingly too short a time for there to be new updates), I unchecked the "protect pc even if no user is logged on", and rebooted. Upon reboot Antimalware attempted an auto-update after which the popup did appear with the generic "updates have been installed" versus the one that lists the number of signatures now protecting, you know, the usual one. I just was noting that A: the update popup appeared again and B: that it seemed strange to me that there was another update so soon, though I assume the generic message,(ie; non-signature listing) is in reference to a BB update,(but there was no request to resatart the program) . Basically I'm getting suspicious of Antimalware's performance now. Sorry if I was unclear.
  5. Just thought I'd add that I disabled the "protect pc even" option and rebooted my pc, (it, Windows that is, complained for a second about my Networx network monitor), and then restarted normally. Then, Antimalware started with red dot for a couple of seconds and then did an update displaying a generic update complete popup message at the end (not a "new sig's in use" update). Bear in mind that I had just taken my computer off sleep 20 minutes or so before that and it had appeared to update then but without popup message,(I opened the program to check it.).
  6. Hi, the settings in "configuration popups tab" are update messages are on and set to display for 10 seconds, restart alerts are set to on and application restart alert set to off. By the way I raised that support ticket lets hope there is a response, this is getting worrisome.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions Lynx, I'll try switching off the "protect pc even", option. One other thing I forgot to mention is when auto-updating, Antimalware is no longer displaying the message that it updated and using new signatures like it used to,(though it's still checked off in options). Guess I'll raise that support ticket too. Regards
  8. Sorted by date this time sorry very overtired here.
  9. Okay I just need to figure out haw to upload them.
  10. Hey again Lynx, some info for you,(and dev's), regarding updates, just a minute ago I did an update and there was a 1660kb update that came in, the listed info stated only signatures were updated. When I tried to close the window I was told that "Antimalware must be re-started to load the updated modules" and the red dot appeared for a second. So it seems I am being prompted for re-start even when the update consists of signatures only. Hopefully one of the developer's can shed some light on this issue.
  11. Hi again, Antimalware is only requesting a re-start after downloading definitions I think. Maybe executables were updated to be honest I don't remember. By the way I noticed in your screenshot that Manutu exe. was excluded, I just went into program files to check for these files, (the Antimalware files are already excluded), but I don't seem to have a Mamutu exe. at all, I thought Mamutu was the behavior blocker included in Antimalware 5. I have a behavior blocker listed in Antimalware's settings but no Mamutu specifically, does it not run in 64 bit or something? As for torrents maybe I misunderstood something as the only time I've encountered torrents that I know of was in conjunction with warez distribution programs that have you uploading the files you download to others. Thanks for your patience with my somewhat broken knowledge lol!
  12. Hi Lynx, thanks for the info. All the other av anti-rootkit etc., programs are free ones and only Avira has any running services as far as I can tell, (although it's not always easy to tell which service is for what), I used to disable all services except explorer and systray back in the xp days, (I didn't have web access for quite some time.), but now that I run various clients like Steam, Impulse etc. it seems alot more convoluted as to which service or process governs what so I tend to leave it alone. Avira personal's shield is only disabled at the taskbar level. It appears that indeed re-start is only required after an update takes place. My firewall is Comodo free version 3.14 with defense plus and av disabled. I could be getting a little paranoid as I recently started using a network monitoring program and it shows a fair bit of small packets being up/downloaded fairly often and I can never seem to get a clear answer on various security forums as to how much packet transferring is normal for a Windows system. My security is generally super tight however and I don't use warez, torrents or anything like that and I don't generally get strange behavior so perhaps I'm overly concerned. I also scan for malware, rootkits, mbr rootkits both in the cloud and in system, and check netstat -ano for hacking and to compare pid's to running processes. Do you know of any super comprehensive sites that list services and running processes for programs so I can clearly figure out what to disable, as it just isn't as simple as the "everything except explorer and systray days."?
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