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  1. What on earth makes you think stealthing makes you invisible.? Just a gimmick.
  2. If you use process hacker and in the network section,you can right click and do a whois search.Also a traceroute.
  3. im using EMET alongside OA without any issues.
  4. Actually i was having the same problem and i solved it by making sure in the sandboxie software compatibility section that online armor was checked and i have not had any issues since.
  5. Duplicate cleaner is not a safe program in my opinion.it hosed my system last time i used it.
  6. as you can see i blocked defraggler in the firewall section but i could check for updates on the site just fine.
  7. hi. I set online armor to block hitman pro and yet it still connects.
  8. hi , Thanks for the links. Ive not come across any reports of online armor being bypassed. I consider online armor a better product than the comodo one. They have very buggy software.and i find online armor to be more user friendly. Thanks again.
  9. Hello forum, ive seen in other forums that some firewalls are being bypassed by the avast web shield. Is this the case with online armor? I use both of these programs and they run in tandem very well. Many thanks.
  10. hi. im currently using online armor free version. How does the firewall rate against others please.? or should i get another firewall. many thanks.
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