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  1. Sent you an email * and no that didn't solve the problem
  2. So just a quick update, I uninstalled EIS and kept HMA on using PPTP while I reinstalled EIS. As soon as I install EIS, HMA loses connection (PPTP) but after EIS is installed PPTP is allowed to connect but after I restart my pc I'm not able to connect using PPTP.
  3. Too late for that. EIS and HMA caused me a lot of trouble today. I uninstalled HMA to try to reinstall it so EIS would alert me for connections but this time something went wrong, there was a problem during the install of HMA and after that I wasn't able to connect to the internet at all. I tried everything, but since it was about that time to do a fresh install of Windows, I figured what the hell and did just that. But, even after a fresh install of Windows and without importing my EAM rules, EIS still blocks PPTP with HMA. OpenVPN is fine. So I have no doubt you'll come across the same problem if you went ahead with the test yourself.
  4. Ok I don't know what happened but I left my computer on over night and apparently there was a connection request that I didn't get to for hours. Think it was wininit.exe (not sure, had mole eyes) anyways I allowed it and HMA wasn't able to connect but I figured it was just due to the connection hang so I restarted but then wasn't able to connect via PPTP again. I also noticed that before restarting EIS blocked a connection to (something).cloudfront.net, which EIS has those rules built in. Anyways I'm at a lose, I uninstalled EIS thinknig I must have blocked something or messed up a firewall rule but no luck, I had some trouble once reinstalled. I'm again able to connect via OpenVPN but not PPTP.
  5. Hey good news, I uninstalled EIS and reinstalled it and now am able to connect to HMA via PPTP. I think there might have been a problem when I imported my previous rules for Anti-Malware, cause I ran HMA and got a few connection request that I didn't recieve previously. Now it works fine. Thanks anyway!
  6. Thanks, I appreciate it. Yeah but the program would have to run first in order to block it, I'd much rather take care of them before they ran but that's a pain now. Anyways that's the least of my worries at the moment
  7. Nope, it just keeps trying to connect and retries. I've kept the automatic rule setting on allow, and set it to ask but nothing came up. I even uninstalled HMA and reinstalled it with no luck. ** also why is it more of a hassle to block applications from the internet now? and is there a way to save a custom template so I don't have to keep manually doing the same thing to every app I want to block internet access to?
  8. I just merged my licenses and upgraded Internet Security to the new all-in-one package. I use Hide My Ass VPN and had no problems til this upgrade. I can connect via OpenVPN but not PPTP.
  9. I have this same issue. Win 7 64. I downloaded the same file and EAM quickly quarantined it after enabling file guard and after a reboot without enabling file guard.
  10. Thanks for replying. Yes I know that dragging the program to my main monitor and closing it there will make the program stay on this monitor however after a restart of the computer OA goes right back to my second monitor. I have a ATI Radeon HD 6850.
  11. Whenever I open Online Armor or to breifly shut down "progam guard", OA goes straight to my second monitor (which is usually powered off). Online Armor is the only program that does that and it's really annoying. My main monitor is connected via HDMI, second DVI. Or does anyone have any idea why this might be? again OA is the only program that does this.
  12. I was wonder if the file extension filter is included when saving custom scan settings. I thought it would be when I added some extensions and saved the setting but found out there weren't in there when I loaded the settings again. I wanted to add .iso and .mkv. since I have some pretty large files of each and would save some time if they were excluded. Thanks
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