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  1. Sent you an email * and no that didn't solve the problem
  2. So just a quick update, I uninstalled EIS and kept HMA on using PPTP while I reinstalled EIS. As soon as I install EIS, HMA loses connection (PPTP) but after EIS is installed PPTP is allowed to connect but after I restart my pc I'm not able to connect using PPTP.
  3. Too late for that. EIS and HMA caused me a lot of trouble today. I uninstalled HMA to try to reinstall it so EIS would alert me for connections but this time something went wrong, there was a problem during the install of HMA and after that I wasn't able to connect to the internet at all. I tried everything, but since it was about that time to do a fresh install of Windows, I figured what the hell and did just that. But, even after a fresh install of Windows and without importing my EAM rules, EIS still blocks PPTP with HMA. OpenVPN is fine. So I have no doubt you'll come across the same problem if you went ahead with the test yourself.
  4. Ok I don't know what happened but I left my computer on over night and apparently there was a connection request that I didn't get to for hours. Think it was wininit.exe (not sure, had mole eyes) anyways I allowed it and HMA wasn't able to connect but I figured it was just due to the connection hang so I restarted but then wasn't able to connect via PPTP again. I also noticed that before restarting EIS blocked a connection to (something).cloudfront.net, which EIS has those rules built in. Anyways I'm at a lose, I uninstalled EIS thinknig I must have blocked something or messed up a firewall rule but no luck, I had some trouble once reinstalled. I'm again able to connect via OpenVPN but not PPTP.
  5. Hey good news, I uninstalled EIS and reinstalled it and now am able to connect to HMA via PPTP. I think there might have been a problem when I imported my previous rules for Anti-Malware, cause I ran HMA and got a few connection request that I didn't recieve previously. Now it works fine. Thanks anyway!
  6. Thanks, I appreciate it. Yeah but the program would have to run first in order to block it, I'd much rather take care of them before they ran but that's a pain now. Anyways that's the least of my worries at the moment
  7. Nope, it just keeps trying to connect and retries. I've kept the automatic rule setting on allow, and set it to ask but nothing came up. I even uninstalled HMA and reinstalled it with no luck. ** also why is it more of a hassle to block applications from the internet now? and is there a way to save a custom template so I don't have to keep manually doing the same thing to every app I want to block internet access to?
  8. I just merged my licenses and upgraded Internet Security to the new all-in-one package. I use Hide My Ass VPN and had no problems til this upgrade. I can connect via OpenVPN but not PPTP.
  9. I have this same issue. Win 7 64. I downloaded the same file and EAM quickly quarantined it after enabling file guard and after a reboot without enabling file guard.
  10. Thanks for replying. Yes I know that dragging the program to my main monitor and closing it there will make the program stay on this monitor however after a restart of the computer OA goes right back to my second monitor. I have a ATI Radeon HD 6850.
  11. Whenever I open Online Armor or to breifly shut down "progam guard", OA goes straight to my second monitor (which is usually powered off). Online Armor is the only program that does that and it's really annoying. My main monitor is connected via HDMI, second DVI. Or does anyone have any idea why this might be? again OA is the only program that does this.
  12. I was wonder if the file extension filter is included when saving custom scan settings. I thought it would be when I added some extensions and saved the setting but found out there weren't in there when I loaded the settings again. I wanted to add .iso and .mkv. since I have some pretty large files of each and would save some time if they were excluded. Thanks
  13. So I downloaded Online Armor, uninstalled mine, restarted, ran the setup and got this "Online Armor has detected that you have Virtual Box with bridged networking installed. Virtual box's bridged networking driver is incompatible with Online Armos and using both at the same time results in full system crashes (blue screens). Please uninstall the Virtual Box bridged networking support in order to install Online Armor. So I had to uninstall virtualbox and after another restart got the same messasge over and over again. So I figured that it was reading some left over registry keys, so I had to manually go and delete what was left over. Finally got it to install but now all my firewall rules are gone. Is there anything I should know about virtualbox and OA? I've ran virtualbox fine for as long as I can remember with no problems.
  14. Another restart and still dead. Gonna have to reinstall. u_u great Man whatever happen really broke the damn thing
  15. I've had this problem with OA a more than a few times now but usually ignored it. But now it's getting ridiculous seeing how it locked up/froze when I updated virtualbox while "auto allow" and "auto config" were both unchecked, virtualbox setup wanted to connect to the inet and got the popup, which then made my vpn reconnect AND OA's interface died on me (rendered useless, unclickable tabs, etc). Usually I'd lose inet access completely (ethernet wouldn't work until a reset) but having had this problem before a reset is usually the only thing that fixes it so I didn't even wait to see if my ethernet would go. Having just restarted my computer OA's interface is STILL dead, unclickable tabs, it's stuck on programs. Gonna restart again but just wanted to post this first. This usually happens when a program wants to connect to the inet with "auto allow" and "auto config" unchecked, though I can't say for sure under what circumstance or what typical kind of programs.
  16. Interesting. Thanks for the description. I gotta say Emsisoft has the best customer support I've ever had.
  17. Hey dallas7, "Intercept loopback interface" is indeed checked but since I don't fully understand it's function I leave it well alone. To be honest I was looking to avoid messing with ports as it was a bit intimidating to grasp, but from what you've presented it seems to be the solution, albeit strenuous, to my problem and I'll have to look into doing just that, and so far am coming along to understanding the basics of the whole port business in regards to adding ports or ranges but am lost on the "Endpoint Restrictions" tab as I've never actually read into it in OA's "Help". I definitely appreciate your help and will have to learn a little more about firewalls before I complain again Thanks
  18. Hey Nick, I think you might be right buddy. I tested it out and was still getting the popups but realized that it was because of the new ports being used that hadn't been already allowed by me, not because the "automatically allow trusted programs" was unchecked, I guess I shouldn't have tested it with Yahoo! IM since that darn thing was using many different ports each time it opened. But it seems to be what I was looking for at this point, I apologize to the Emsisoft customer support for being such a pain in the @$$ and thanks Nick.
  19. Yeah but constantly? I'm aware that I will have to choose what accesses the internet and what doesn't if those two options are disabled but it's the fact that OA doesn't remember my choices that's the problem. I mean why should trusted programs have their own rule in the firewall options which if unchecked, bypasses the already set rule (allow rules) in the firewall and doesn't remember my decisions, why should I have to leave one or both of those options checked when OA can simply refer to the firewall rule for my decision?
  20. The problem is when I do create that rule it isn't rembered when "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet" is unchecked. I have to either keep that or "autoconfigure trusted programs" for OA to use the rule for allowing programs internet access and again, I prefer them both unchecked. If you want to see what I mean, uncheck both of those options, open your browser, create the allow rule, close your browser and open it again, you should get the same alert. I really hate to be a pain, so if there isn't anything you can tell me I'll just go back to putting everything in the exclusion list
  21. I just want programs I trust and allow internet access to open/run without being alerted to me due to "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet" being unchecked, the blocked programs of course are not alerted to me but why should the "trusted programs" rule take over for the firewall rule on programs I allowed internet access? The trusted programs rule and the firewall rule really should be seperate otherwise what's the point of allowing a program to access the internet if "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet" is kept unchecked? I do keep OA in advanced mode but there isn't anything to do about my problem besides putting everything in the exlusion list, which I'm currently forced to do to avoid OA nagging me about my browser or anything else.
  22. I like to keep "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet" and "Autoconfigure trusted programs" unchecked but of course I get popups whenever I open my browser and anything else requesting internet access. Instead of having to exclude it from protection altogether, I was wondering if it was possible to have Online Armor know which programs and their rules should be kept and all unknown or new programs should be alerted to me when I have those two options unchecked. I know it's possible to have only trusted programs access the internet but not all trusted programs I want to have internet access which is why I leave it unchecked. Could there be some new options or rules added to Online Armor to allow such a thing? Maybe a "permanent" rule could be added in the firewall options and/or popup box that will allow a program to have internet access while "Automatically allow trusted programs to access the internet" is unchecked. Thanks
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