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  1. Hi ShadowPuterDude, Following the last fix, things seem to have returned to normal (touch wood). However, I know that this does not mean my computer is 100%; what is the best way to check the malware has been fully removed? I've attached a quick scan from emsisoft anti-malware. Can cookies be dangerous and can I simply delete/quarantine them without worrying about any adverse effects? Regards, jesu1411
  2. The check log attached is from running MBRCheck.exe after the fix and restart.
  3. New log files attached. Known-bad MBR code detected (Whistler / Black Internet).
  4. Hi again, I ran your script and attach the AVZ log file performed following the restart. Unfortunately the wave volume muting and internet explorer default browser pop ups remain. I appreciate all your hard work.
  5. Hi. Thanks for your response. I ran the tool you attached and have posted the log file it produced. Although Internet Explorer pop ups no longer appear, I don't think the problem is fixed. Pop ups now periodically appear with: "Internet Explorer is currently not your default browser. Would you like to make it your default browser?" For the record Google chrome is my default browser. Additionally, the computer keeps changing the 'Wave' volume in volume control to zero. All of these problems remain following a restart. I have also attached the log file from a quick scan by Emsisoft An
  6. Dear Emsisoft Gurus, My system has acquired an ad-ware problem where internet explorer pop ups habitually appear with adverts (NB. I ONLY use Google Chrome). It also, plays audio adverts occasionally and mutes the Wave volume in the Volume control panel. I have recently recovered my Vaio to its factory settings using recovery disks. The computer works great (much faster) but the ad-ware problem remains. I have attached HiJackFree, Emsisoft Anti-Malware and ISeeYouXP log files as requested in your sticky. I run Panta Cloud Antivirus (this was Avast prior to running recovery of computer)
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