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  1. I've made a rule to exclude Holdkey from checking. But I think the (presumably unintended) consequences still need to be looked at.
  2. From memory, yes. I don't intend to test it again, as it takes me a considerable time to rearrange my dual monitors after the journey into safe mode.
  3. The program is called Holdkey, and the behaviour is exactly as I described. As soon as the EAM dialog box appears, my mouse and keyboard cease to function. Anywhere - not just in the dialog box.
  4. I upgraded from Mamutu (paid) to EAM and set EAM to start at boot. So it starts at boot and starts checking other boot programs. Finds one it's not sure of and up pops the dialog box. AT THIS POINT, MY MOUSE AND KEYBOARD CEASE TO FUNCTION. My only option is to force a reboot to safe mode and remove EAM from startup, with all the added inconveniences involved. I AM NOT IMPRESSED!!! I should add I have tried wireless, USB and PS/2 mice and PS/2 and USB keyboards. So it's NOT a hardware problem.
  5. Mamutu used to show an icon in the tray when running. Now it doesn't, and I can't find a setting to put it back. What am I missing? I have v and the mamutu service and mamutu.exe process are running.
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