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  1. Hello,

    I have an old notebook (Intel Centrino) with Windows XP SP3. Using the browser Comodo Dragon (based on Chrome), EAM slows startup of the browser and the opening of new tabs. I found that this slowdown is due to the Behavior Blocker, and I think it is related to the multi-process nature of the browser. So I excluded the process "dragon.exe" in the Application Rules, and there is no slowdown, but in this case I found out not to be protected by the Surf Protection module.

    Why does the exclusion in the Application Rules also disable the Surf Protection? Is it a bug or an expected behavior? Aren't the Application Rules only related to the Behaviour Blocker module? I expected to be still protected by File Guard and Surf Protection, isn't that true?

    I think that EAM is a good program but needs improvements, especially in performance: in addition to these slowdowns, I have experienced many slowdowns during the installation of new programs and the elimination of a bunch of executables.

    Thank you.

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