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  1. Today it has been impossible to update Antimalware 5.1. It just stand there and saying: Downloading updateinfo. - Nothing happen. Warm restart won't work either. The same happen on both of my computers. Must add that i have a new and clean install of Windows on both my computers. No malware or virus on the machines. This 'feature' start to be annoying !
  2. Finally, it worked with what was said in the other thread ! GREAT !
  3. Thanks ! Will check that thread. I thought it was just me having this problem. Happy weekend !
  4. After some updates two or three days ago it only download additional signatures, then it stops there....stays like that until i cancel... It has once more stopped after additional signatures. Have stand there for 15 minutes...nothing happens at all. Yes, computer has been rebooted every time the program asked for it. Why can't i find manual downloads anywhere ? That is ok for me to download signatures manually.
  5. I have never been this mad before. But claim that something is a freeware when it is not is a big huge lie ! I updated my a-squared today and it told me that there was i new free (!!!) version to download. I choose that and it was downloaded. I uninstalled a2 free. Restarted comp and installed the new one. That junk continue to nag me about a licensekey. Heard something that You should let it expire (3 days). I shut down the service, tampered with the date and restarted the computer. Now i only get a nagscreen that tell me i can buy the crap or enter the licensekey...so where is that 'freew
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