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  1. Okay...did all the File Guard will not activate.I have already set back in the Windows services... I reset it to automatic.But no File Guard?
  2. I think you may of misundersood me.What I really want is for the quarantine box to stop poping-up all the time.
  3. Really the heading covers my problem.As i said, the quarentine box keeps on asking me if I want to restore files even when the quarentine list is empty?
  4. Thank you for all your help and also for the licence extension from Mamutu passed on to the Emsisoft Anti-Malware licence.I must say I have great confidence in both your product and the support I have received after my initial error in communications between myself and Emsisoft.
  5. I still don't really understand how I was given a fix to this problem 12 months ago and it can't be done now.But anyway, I'll take your offer about the subscription(from Mamutu) being added on to the Anti-Malware.It sounds pretty fair. How do we go about it doing this? Another question,do I just uninstall Mamutu and this will fix the problem with Anti-Malware? BTW, thanks for the help.
  6. Hi It is the paid version.When I first got Anti-Malware I don't think Mamutu had been released.
  7. Okay,and thanks. I'm not really happy about the fix to my problem.It said to uninstall mamutu to get Emsisoft Anti-Malware to act normally.I would like to keep Mamutu because it picks up nasties using a different principal and I think it would be more secure with both.About 12 months ago I was given a fix to this problem that got the Behavior and Surf Protection working again.Could not that fix work now?Plus I was sold Mamutu under the pretence that my computer would be more secure with both.
  8. Okay thanks What is going on with me logging in to help/support?
  9. I sent in a request for help with Emsisoft Anti Malware and nearly a week on there is still no reply to my problem??? Ticket number - ROE-969-19601 I've just changed my password and now it is telling me my login information is incorrect?? I only changed it because I thought my previous password was incorrect, but obviously it was not?? What is going on here?