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  1. At some point in scan it shoots up to 1.6GB of memory usage and now it silently crashed, no exception log or error on screen. Any ideas on how to debug this?
  2. All of a sudden this reappeard after the update to Exception: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Date : Sat, 21 Jul 2012 21:16:05 +0200 2.2 Address : 74DEB9B7 2.3 Module Name : KERNELBASE.dll - (Windows NT BASE API Client DLL) 2.4 Module Version: 6.1.7601.17651 2.5 Type : EOutOfMemory 2.6 Message : Out of memory. 2.7 ID : 1574 2.8 Count : 1 2.9 Status : New 2.10 Note : 5.2 Total Memory : 8149 Mb 5.3 Free Memory : 2868 Mb Seems I'm hitting a memory leak in EEK, I'll rerun and will watch for leaks.
  3. I can't seem to reproduce the issue anymore at the moment. Maybe it was related to a signature issue. My crash did not show any error btw the GUI disappeared Also no signs of EurekaLog.ini on my system (portable upgrade from v1 'use beta').
  4. Hi Guy's, I can't seem to find where to report issues/bugs with EEK 2.x beta so I'll try here, if this is not the correct place then sorry in advance. Running Win7, x64 EEK (I started with using Beta2 with) version -> crash on my system during a 'deep scan' Quick and Smart finish fine. Any logging that can be set to debugging, or other tools that might shed some light in this? I'll fire up Procmon next to see if that gives any clues. Ronny