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  1. I've managed to restore my connection, the winsock key was missing from the registry, thanks for the help.
  2. Ok done. No change, the majority of online service are unaviable: error 137 on google chrome and Steam. Here the log of ComboFix and OTL
  3. Stuck at stage 27 for an hour. What should I do?
  4. My connection seems restored but I can't go in Internet, chrome display error 137 and most of the program cannoct connect. I've run a scan with OTL.
  5. I tried the fix and I had problem with winsock. I deleted it and now I can't find a way to restore internet connection. (I have tried a tutorial online
  6. I can't find text.txt but here is the other.
  7. Ok the files should be deleted now.
  8. Ok I have removed all the keygen and pirated software that i could find, and some I wasn't aware of, some I cannot remove ,probably malware.
  9. Here you go. Thanks for the quick response.
  10. Hi I have tried to remove this rootkit but it always come back. The only software that don't start is ComboFix.