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  1. Okay, if you have any further question, please let me know.
  2. None of these objects can normally affect your computer's performance, the worst that could happen if that the program it would be associated with could be malfunctioning, but that is not the case here. Can you give a bit more information of what is happening on your computer? What happens when you try to open normal programs like your mail program (if you use one), browser or other applications you often use? Do you get any error? What happens when you try to start Notepad (press Windows key + R, type notepad and press enter), do you receive any error and if yes, what is it?
  3. I'm sorry to hear about this problem. If you can still open your Emsisoft program, have you tried restoring the quarantined items and can you post the log file that was created after the scan? You can find it under Logs > Scan.
  4. No you can't, but as long as EAM is installed, malware cannot flash the BIOS without a warning. As for hardware that would be affected out of the box, apart from ensuring you buy from a trusted manufacturer, there is nothing you can do about that.
  5. While I appreciate you sharing this, please observe the rules of fair use: for short, if something is not your own writing, quote it and provide a source. In this case, you literally copied the entire post from: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2885069/theres-no-way-of-knowing-if-the-nsas-spyware-is-on-your-hard-drive.html
  6. Emsisoft is not vulnerable for the exploit mentioned in the article.
  7. Well, since this topic is not about my files that are encrypted, I don't see the problem there. And because you just violated the Terms of Use of this forum, please allow me to fix that particular issue real quickly. To address your original concern because it did not appear to be clear to you: a lot of malware analysts (both from Emsisoft as well as other companies or freelancers) put a lot of time into finding out ways to decrypt files that were encrypted by all kind of ransomware families. Instead of complaining about the lack of a tool, it would be nice if you could actually appreciate the work they do.
  8. A VPN can protect your location and IP address (assuming that it does not collect personal data, which is not a given). If you use for example weak passwords or leave your personal information on shady websites however it is meaningless.
  9. Thank you for your submission. I will look into it as soon as possible.
  10. Yes, this file in this particular location is associated with a Windows App. There is no need to worry about it.
  11. Then don't enter any data in any webform that doesn't have the https:// prefix, avoid any security products that use https intercepts, see also this article: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/us-cert-security-products-that-perform-https-interception-weaken-security/ Besides that, always be sure to use strong passwords, personally I'd recommend using a password manager like LastPass or KeePass to ensure you use unique and strong passwords that can't easily be hacked.
  12. Hi Paul, Unfortunately without more information its impossible to say what this file is/does. Can you check the file path in the log and try to upload it to www.virustotal.com? Afterwards, post the link to the scan results here so I can check it out.
  13. Hello, While it is good to treat online privacy as a serious concern, it is also a very broad subject. It would help to know what exactly you're afraid of.
  14. Hello, This is just a scam webpage, it does not actually infect your computer or mean that your computer is infected. Just closing the browser will be enough. I will also add the URL to our surf protection database, if you have any other URLs, please let me know.
  15. Goed om dat te horen!