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  1. I would always advice to use only one security software installed (of course I'd recommend Emsisoft, but it also goes for other good security products). To see why it is not recommended to run more than one AV, see also the following blog article: https://blog.emsisoft.com/2017/12/18/do-not-run-multiple-antivirus/
  2. Fileless malware?

    Yes, Emsisoft's behavior blocker prevents the installation of fileless malware on the computer even if no signature detects it yet.
  3. BIOS

    Yes, but if you have to manually install some drivers, you still can download the drivers via Windows Update or from the manufacturers site.
  4. BIOS

    Whenever you reinstall the OS, all drivers are reinstalled, so if you did a complete reinstall, no malware drivers will be left. The BIOS is firmware, that means it is hard coded in the device (in this case the mother board). If that code would be infected, a reformat/reinstall has no effect on it. You can however flash the latest firmware version before doing a reinstall. If EAM is installed it ought to block an attempt by malware to write a custom BIOS (you would expect to see a Direct Disk Access alert).
  5. Recovery partition

    It's not likely, such a partition usually contains an image and that file will not be altered by malware. When you start a restore operation, that image is then put back on your hard disk, wiping everything else.
  6. Hexadecimal ip

    This is normal. First of all there's your browser. Each page you visit has a corresponding IP. Next think about Windows and other software checking for updates on a regular basis. On top of that email clients and the like will check for new messages as well. Then there are all kind of communication applications (skype, facebook messenger, and so on and so forth) that all will connect to a number of IPs to retrieve (or check for) messages. Think also about Microsoft's time synchronization and for example all kind of software license checks. These are just a few examples, but I think you can imagine why you'd always see a list of IP addresses your computer connects to/receives data from.
  7. Hexadecimal ip

    If you'd like to know what they belong to you can just copy/paste them here. If you'd rather not post them in a public forum, feel free to send me a PM.
  8. Hexadecimal ip

    Yes, to put it simple: with ipv6 you have a larger pool of possible IP addresses than with ipv4. This is necessary because there are so many devices worldwide that request an IP address on the internet that the total amount of possible ipv4 addresses is simply not enough. You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv6
  9. Hexadecimal ip

    Without seeing an example, this usually happens when ipv6 is used and not ipv4. If that is the case its perfectly normal. You can look up what the IP belongs to just as you can do with a "normal" ipv4 address on whois sites.
  10. Did I just find a BadUSB?

    That is hard to say, however two questions: does this happen on any computer you put this in. Also, what software does block it? My first guess would be that it depends on the port the device was put in or maybe the device is malfunctioning, but its impossible to say without more information.
  11. Hello, Thank you for reporting this issue. To see if this is caused by Emsisoft products, please disable all Emsisoft real time protection guards (right click the tray icon and select "pause protection" > "disable for 10 minutes"). If this fixes the issue then Emsisoft may be blocking the application. If this does not change anything this problem is likely not related to Emsisoft.
  12. FP MP3 rocket 7.4

    Hallo Tommy, Bedankt voor het melden van dit probleem. Ik heb de gedetecteerde componenten in onze whitelist gezet, een update hiervoor is beschikbaar binnen een paar minuten.
  13. Welk bestand is hier nog niet gedetecteerd? Het duurde even voordat VT onze signatures ge-update had
  14. Hallo, Zou je ook een virustotal link voor dit bestand toe kunnen voegen? We hebben al detectie toevegoegd voor deze ccleaner binaries.
  15. Ja, het porobleem lijkt te zijn dat Windows het certificaat neit kan controleren. Helaas is er verder weinig wat we hier aan kunnen doen omdat het probleem niet aan Emsisoft ligt. Heeft het computer een internet verbinding op het moment dat dit gebeurt (standaard ethernet verbinding)?