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  1. Elise

    Fake Tech Support websites

    Yes, when I checked it, it was taken down already (at least good that the hoster acted so quickly :)).
  2. Elise

    Fake Tech Support websites

    Thank you, I'll check it and detection will be added if necessary.
  3. Please stop accusing people of saying things they did not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and terms related to criminal behavior can certainly be discussed, but this forum is not the right place for that. Since your original question has already been answered, I am locking this topic.
  4. I think it was just an example used here. Law enforcement won't typically want to investigate any computer without there being a reasonable suspicion of something illegal going on.
  5. Yes, I was referring to the content of the file, not any database file obviously. Logging itself is not bad, logging private information is another thing.
  6. Your computer is full with more or less personal data, if it's searched by law enforcement they'll be able to find personal data no matter what. The article talks about Avast that leaves an easily readable file containing browser data. This is not the same as having system logs that show when the AV was updated, what files or urls were blocked and such. In other words, no matter if you use incognito mode or browse normally, the only URL or files showing up in our logging database are those that are detected. It is impossible to use that database to track your browsing history.
  7. That file is not used nor collected by us, for that reason this simply doesn't apply.
  8. If you're not sure, you can always call to your internet provider (using the phone number on their website) and explain what happens. Usually they'll be able to confirm/deny that the call was from them.
  9. No it can't because we don't collect that information. To read more about this: https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/26117/https-interception-what-emsisoft-customers-need-to-know/
  10. Hallo Henry, Dit klopt, er was een probleem bekend wat met deze versie opgelost zou moeten zijn. Goed om te horen dat dit inderdaad het geval is.
  11. Hallo Henry, Wat vervelend om dat te horen. Welke instellingen worden gebruikt voor de aangepaste scan en in welke scan fase blijft deze hangen (bijvoorbeeld: Scanning (3 of 4) Rootkits)? Gebeurt dit met de stabiele of beta versie van EAM? Als het eerste het geval is, ga dan naar Settings > Updates en switch naar beta updates. Dit zou het probleem op moeten lossen.
  12. Elise


    Hello, Emsisoft Emergency Kit is already portable. All you have to do is to copy the EEK folder to the USB drive and run it from there.
  13. Elise

    Fake Tech Support websites

    Yes, you are right. I checked them all, but (fortunately) none of the content reported did work (although I could see it had been there before).
  14. Elise

    Fake Tech Support websites

    Hello, We do block techsupport scams, however we do not use heuristics detection to do this as some other products do. The reason for this difference is that doing so would require us to actively filter/check all your browser activity. Not only is this a breach of your online privacy, it also brings security risks with it, which is why we opted not to do this. While I completely understand how annoying/scary such fake techsupport scams can be, they are harmless to your computer; the worst that can happen is that you have to close the browser via the taskmanager (you can do it also via Emsisoft's Protection/Behavior Blocker tab). I will check the data you provided and will add any undetected techsupport scams to our database.
  15. Elise

    EAM and Camera Hijack

    Theoretically that is possible yes, but then something would need to be installed on disk. And that would count as suspicious behavior.