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  1. Product: Commandline Scanner version, contained in EEK version Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, SP1 Other Security: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, Windows Firewall, KeyScrambler version (plugin for Firefox) Here is a Windows bat file that I have used successfully to scan folders with version of the Commandline Scanner. "C:\somepath\a2cmd.exe" /f=%1 /h /r /a /n /log="C:\logpath\Log.txt" echo %errorlevel% if not errorlevel 1 goto end notepad "C:\path\Malware Notification.txt" :end pause I observe the errorlevel after scanning a folder that contains the eicar.com test file. Version returns 1 and version returns 0 but both versions show that an infection was detected. The documentation says the result code should be 1 when an infection is detected. This seems like a bug in CLS version Thanks for your attention.
  2. Hi Lynx, I agree. Not just troublesome but also unacceptable. However, after downloading the zip file once, I have been able to update successfully (as I said in my original post) without downloading a new zip file every time. Everything seems to be working as it should. Doesn't that show that the problem is over for me? Jim
  3. Yes, I did: Numerous Access Violation messages and I had to kill the process. My solution was to download a new copy of the Emergency Kit zip file and use the contained files. I updated successfully, with no other problems so far. Maybe this doesn't explain whatever problem existed, but it avoids the problem. Jim
  4. Thank-you Fabian! You just set the new World's Record for "Fastest Response in a Forum" and your workaround does solve my problem. As you predicted, any subdirectory with a comma is scanned if its parent directory does not have a comma (even before the workaround). Now, all files in the parent directory and all subdirectories are scanned and commas don't matter anywhere. Thanks again, Jim
  5. Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 x86, AVG Anti-virus Free, Windows Firewall, a2cmd.exe version (from EEK) Hi, I'm new here. I used to use a-squared Free from the right-click context menu but that seems to be unavailable in the Emergency Kit. However, a .bat file can be used to access the Command Line Scanner. In the process of testing my .bat file it became clear that folders with a comma(,) in the pathname were not scanned. For example: If a2cmd /f="C:\Some,Folder" is entered on the command line, the scanner opens but no scanning is done. a2cmd /f="C:\Some Folder" produces a normal scanning report. The Emergency Kit GUI does scan "C:\Some,Folder" if it is added as a custom scan. That makes me think I have done something incorrectly. I suppose renaming the folder, running the a2cmd command, and then re-renaming the folder might avoid the problem but that seems too convoluted. Am I missing something? Please suggest a solution. Jim btw I tried to search the old forum but kept getting "An Error Occurred In The Database"
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