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  1. yes, that, thought could be related to antivirus software and since I haven't installed anything else other than newer version of EEK, that got my doubts...not sure what could be brought it and its values I attached just screenshot, thanks for the answer.
  2. Sorry if dumb question but does EEK using PEiD?! I found that registry entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PEiD
  3. Please do notify here when GrpConv will get removed.
  4. GrpConv is created immediately after launching EEK10, also I noticed vds and mbengine processes in task manager which I never saw before. GrpConv worsened my pc performance, i notice this when playing online. Even if I remove it from startup entry PC is still glitched. The only solution was system restore. Why it was necessary to add this weird service to EEK?? I can't use EEK anymore if it will slow down my PC.
  5. i had error today while running windows 7 32 sp1 in safe mode, it says "Access violation at adress 03CFE9E6 in module "a2update.dll". Read of address 00000004." (sorry, dont know how to paste picture here). Can you tell me what does that mean?
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