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  1. Done, link to this tread added as well. Alf
  2. Hi Christian Sorry, should have mentioned that the program (Emergency Kit) did send a copy of this file to Emisoft for testing. I was just curious to know if this had happened to anybody else. affebaffe Ps: If you do need another copy of this file tell me and I will of course mail it to Emisoft.
  3. I'm running AVG10 the free version as my normal antvirus program with 2 or 3 weekly tests using the "Emergency Kit". Two days ago I did a "deep scan" on my HD with the "Emergency Kit" To my surprise I was told that the file "avgtray.exe" was infected with a trojan, Win32.Spy.ZBot. I'm not to sure if there was any problem with this file but would like to ask if anybody else have had the same virus report on the "avgtray.exe". affebaffe
  4. Gentlemen, thanks for explain the 3 day problem to me. Since Mr. Wosar indicates that this problem will disappear in the next version I may do another test run of your program in a few months time. Regards
  5. Trying to update my A2 free program yesterday I was told that you did not support A2 any longer and would I like to upgrade to version 5? I installed version 5 and was given three options, buy it, take a 30 day free license or take a 3 day free license. I choose the 3 day option. After updating the database I started the program to check my PC. During the time it took to check my PC I was told twice (pop-up) that my license had expired. What happened to the 3 free days? This morning starting my PC I was told that my license had expired, my PC was not protected and I was given two options. Buy the program or enter the license. Again was I not supposed to have a free 3 day trial period? I have no uninstalled your program, I’m sorry I can’t give you any feed back on how I rate it as I have not had the opportunity to test it. The old A2 was in my opinion very good. Especially the checking of files in the virus vault whenever the database was updated was a nice feature. Am I surprised? Not really, you as all of us are trying to make money and one way of promoting a product is to give it away for free. When a sufficient number of persons are “hooked” on your product you hit them with a “pay or die” variety. What I do think is that you could have made the “upgrade” from “free” to “pay” more informative and more user “friendly”. If you promise a free 3 day trial you should be able to fulfill that promise to your customer.